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These terms and conditions shall be applicable for any sale by, or business relationship with, DEWETRON, Inc. Any contrary and/or amending general terms and conditions, such as on a customer PO, shall only be an integrated part of the sale or business relationship if explicitly agreed to by DEWETRON, Inc. in a written and signed form.



Official Name: DEWETRON, Inc.
Location: United States of America
Associated Names: DEWETRON USA or DEWETRON America
C Class Corporation
Incorporated: January 1998 in the State of Rhode Island
Business Size Classification: Small Business
DUNS 041789350
NAICS CODE: 334119
SAM (Formerly CCR) Registered since 1998


Official quotes are generated only by authorized employees and/or authorized representatives of DEWETRON, Inc. (aka “the Company” or “DEWETRON”) and are subject to expiration. Official price quotes incorporate the terms and conditions shown on this page by reference and are required for a purchase order. Terms that a customer adds to a customer order will not be honored unless specifically agreed to in writing by DEWETRON.
Please contact your DEWETRON, Inc. sales manager for an official price quotation from DEWETRON, Inc. Contact information can be found on the following link:

Quotes issued by DEWETRON are valid for 30 days from their date of issue, unless specifically stated otherwise. Quotes with longer periods are available upon special request, and upon the express written authority of the Company.

Pricing Assumes Acceptance of ALL DEWETRON Terms & Conditions

The prices on all quotes are issued assuming acceptance of the Company’s terms & conditions in their entirely. These include but are not limited to the period of performance, payment terms, credit terms, and shipping terms & conditions.


Standard payment terms are NET 30 DAYS. Alternate terms must be approved in writing by DEWETRON management. Terms written on customer purchase orders are not valid unless explicitly accepted in writing by DEWETRON management.


Taxes are not included in DEWETRON price quotes. Sales taxes will be added to the order and collected by DEWETRON where required by law. If taxes are not collected by DEWETRON, the customer may be responsible for filing a Sales and Use Tax return and paying state sales taxes associated with its purchase from DEWETRON. All customers should consult their tax advisors.
If the customer’s company is tax-exempt, the customer should provide a copy of the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate with the purchase order. Failure to provide a current exemption certificate will result in taxes being added to the order where applicable.


Discounts are only valid when listed on the currently active quote, when ordered at the same time on the same order, and when DEWETRON’s standard terms & conditions, including payment and FOB terms, have been adhered to


Due to the supply chain volatility, any delivery dates or ranges of possible delivery dates stated by DEWETRON verbally or in writing are estimates only and are not binding.
Delivery dates are based upon prompt receipt by DEWETRON, Inc. from buyer of all necessary shipping and other information. Unless a guaranteed delivery date has been agreed, DEWETRON, Inc. shall not be at fault in case a stated or agreed delivery or other period has been exceeded. Delivery of the Products to a freight forwarder/other commercial carrier at the point of delivery shall constitute delivery to buyer.


Order Changes Prior to Shipment

Change orders sent in to modify an existing order will only be accepted if the change request is to substitute an existing line item due to lead time.

Order Cancellation Prior to Shipment

System, modules and accessory orders may only be canceled if they are not in production WITH the consent of DEWETRON Inc. A cancellation fee may be applied.
RMA and Training orders may be canceled with the consent of DEWETRON Inc.


The customer acknowledges that the Products licensed or sold hereunder are subject to the export control laws and regulations of the United States of America. The customer agrees that the Products will not be re-exported, resold or transferred to or for:
(a) Any country subject to export restrictions under the Export Administration Act of 1979 (EAR).
(b) Any end user who has been denied participation in export transactions by any federal agency of the United States government.
(c) Any end user who the customer knows or has reason to believe will utilize the Products directly or indirectly in nuclear activities listed in the EAR 778.3(b)(1), (2) & (3), whether the items are specifically designed or modified for such activities.
(d) an end use destined for the design, development, production or use of missiles or missile projects, or activities related to nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.
The customer acknowledges that “Products” include technical data subject to the export and re-export restrictions of the EAR.
By placing any purchase order with DEWETRON, the customer warrants that all ordered Products are intended to be used within the guidelines listed above. The customer further recognizes and acknowledges that it is subject to certain laws and regulations governing the export of United States technology.


The issuance of credit terms to any customer is subject to the approval of the Company’s finance department and is not guaranteed. This process can be expedited by the prompt response to requests from the Company for credit references and other information. Customers who are not eligible for credit terms, or who do not wish to apply for them, may purchase via payment in advance, advance wire transfer, credit card, or irrevocable letter of credit (if outside the USA).


Shipments are made FOB – ORIGIN, which is East Greenwich, RI 02818 USA, unless another arrangement has been explicitly agreed to in writing by DEWETRON.
A marking of “FOB – DESTINATION” on a purchase order is not binding upon DEWETRON, unless such arrangement has been explicitly agreed to in writing by DEWETRON.
DEWETRON only schedules shipments via FedEx or UPS.

Domestic shipments are offered by DEWETRON in the following two methods:

  1. Prepaid & Add – DEWETRON to ship the customer order on DEWETRON’s own FedEx or UPS account and add the shipping cost to the customer invoice. The customer will be responsible for paying the shipping costs on the invoice.
  2. Customer Account – DEWETRON will ship via the customer’s FedEx or UPS account. The customer will be responsible for preparing all the paperwork necessary for such shipment and will be charged directly for the costs of such shipment. DEWETRON will not be responsible for paying the shipping costs.

DEWETRON shipping policy only schedules shipments via FedEx or UPS Accounts only. Any other third-party carrier will need to provide shipping labels as well as schedule the pickup.
The customer must state, via email or on the purchase order, which method it chooses, and, if using its own account, must provide the required account information. If the customer does not indicate which method or provide the required account information for the customer account method, DEWETRON will have the choice of using the Prepaid & Add method or holding the shipment until the customer provides the additional information. If DEWETRON chooses the Prepaid & Add method, the shipping costs will be added to the customer’s invoice and subject to the Payment Terms described above. DEWETRON is not responsible for any delay resulting from the customer’s failure to provide the required information.
The customer must also identify the type/speed of the shipment. Ground shipments are not recommended.
If the customer fails to identify the type/speed of the shipment, DEWETRON will choose the type and speed of shipment.

DEWETRON is not responsible for any shipment damage or delay on any shipment FOB – ORIGIN. CUSTOMERS ARE EXPECTED TO OPEN, INSPECT, AND TEST THEIR SHIPMENT UPON RECEIPT OF THE SHIPMENT. A customer’s failure to do so may waive the customer’s warranty (see Warranty Notification and Return Period below) and jeopardize the customer’s ability to recover from shipping companies for damages caused by shipment. To the extent that a customer requests DEWETRON to assist the customer in making a claim against a shipping company for damage to the shipment, DEWETRON will be eligible to charge a certain service fee for assistance.


The customer’s shipping department is responsible for processing the shipment. DEWETRON will provide the customer with the shipping size and weights of all packages.

The warranty for DEWETRON USA is governed exclusively by U.S law.


DEWETRON shall not be required to join EDI )electronic data interchange) services in order to be paid for the invoice(s) that DEWETRON sends to its customers. By requesting or using payment terms from DEWETRON, customer agrees to pay the cost of issuing payment to DEWETRON for the Products
and/or services rendered hereunder. Should the customer require DEWETRON to subscribe to any service or pay any amount in order to receive any of the payments due from the customer to DEWETRON, DEWETRON reserves the right to render an invoice for said amount and customer agrees to pay such invoice.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Rhode Island.


The supplier is obliged to hold confidential the business relationship with DEWETRON including all related in-formation (i.e. samples, documents), and shall not make available this information to third parties except with the prior written consent of DEWETRON. The supplier shall be obliged not to reproduce, handle, and store all samples including documents and immediately to hand over to DEWETRON after the fulfilment of the order and after the request of DEWETRON regarding the hand over, respectively.

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