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10 questions about our measurement software

12/02/2021 | OXYGEN Software, Hardware

If you already know DEWETRON, then you are most likely also familiar with our data acquisition software OXYGEN. Our measurement software is the most intuitive software in the sector of data acquisition and can be operated via touchscreen or classic mouse and keyboard. Although it is very easy to use, OXYGEN is a very powerful tool with many different features that are worth to know.

No matter if OXYGEN is new for you or if you have already used it, the following questions and answers give valuable insights into features and possibilities with our software.

Does OXYGEN have a fixed measurement screen?

In our measurement software you can easily configure your measurement screen via drag & drop. Instead of searching for the needed parameters out of a bunch of values, you can display the parameters and channels you need for your measurement using a desired instrument. You can also freely design your measurement screen and adjust the size of each instruments customized to your needs.

Is it possible to have more than one measurement screen?

YES. Sometimes it is necessary to display various parameters that do not fit on one screen. In our measurement software, it is easy to duplicate a measurement screen or add a new one. The more complex a measurement is, the more screens you will need. To not lose the overview, it also possible to show different measurement screens on different monitors.

Is it possible to prepare a setup even if the measurement system is not available for preparation?

YES. This works with the so called DEWETRON Explorer. It is automatically installed on every DEWETRON system and can also be installed on your PC. If a system is connected to your PC, the DEWETRON Explorer shows the device and the used modules.

If no system is connected to you PC, you can simply use the “Demo” function. This function allows you to choose from all available DEWETRON chassis. Once you have chosen a system, you can also add the needed modules to your demo device. You can easily save those demo settings, open OXYGEN and you will find your demo system with simulated signals there. In OXYGEN, you can configure setup as you would do it with a real system.


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Do I have to pay for an extra license for the DEWETRON Explorer?

The DEWETRON Explorer is included in every OXYGEN license. Even if you are not yet a DEWETRON customer, you can use the trial version of OXYGEN and try out the Explorer.

What is the data channels list?

The data channels list gives an overview of the connected system and the used modules, also including pictures. In the data channels list, you can use several filters and simply navigate through the channels. As the name already says, you also have a list of all used channels in this area of your measurement software. You can for example rename channels, change the color of a channel, and activate or deactivate a channel. Once you deactivate a channel, it does not acquire and store data anymore. It is also possible to just stop storing data, while the acquisition continues. This is a useful feature if you would like to use data in a formula but do not necessarily need all the raw data.


Is it possible to change the sample rate of a module in the data acquisition software?

YES. This can easily be done in the data channels list. You just have to click on the value you would like to change in the column “Sample Rate”. Then choose the desired sample rate and click OK. Use the checkbox “Enable reduction” if you would like to change the sample rate of only one single channel instead of the whole module.

Is it possible to configure multiple channels with the same parameters simultaneously?

YES. Every channel in the data channels list has a checkbox on the left side. By selecting multiple channels, it is possible to configure them at the same time. For example, changing the range of one channel, also changes the range of all other selected channels. This is especially useful if you have a measurement system with 100 channels or more and saves valuable time.

A second way to do that is to configure one channel, then select it and press CTRL+C, like the normal copy shortcut on your keyboard. Then select all channels you also want to apply the same settings to and press CTRL+V to paste the settings.


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What is the sensor database?

In the sensor database you can store sensors and their configuration for further use. This saves you time during the configuration of your system. The sensor database is saved as XML file and can also be used on another DEWETRON measurement device or PC.
Click on the “Setup” column in the data channels list and on “Choose sensor” in the right upper corner to get to the sensor database. Then choose the sensor configuration you need.

Is it possible to create a reporting after recording?

YES, it is very easy. In the left upper corner of your OXYGEN you find the icon for reporting. An empty sheet appears. Simply add your instruments and parameters via drag & drop to create a report as already explained for the measurement screen. It is also possible to clone your measurement screen and add it to your report. You can then also adjust the footer e.g. with your company logo, save or print your report easily.

What is the current version of OXYGEN?

The latest version of our data acquisition is OXYGEN 5.4. The newest features of this version are the MODBUS TCP plugin, MIL-STD-1553 hardware support & decoding, offline power analysis and the Serial-CSV reader plugin. Get to know all available features in OXYGEN.

OXYGEN sneak peak

After a software release is before a software release! The release of OXYGEN 5.5 is planned for the end of March. Features for reporting, password protection for the setup, a filename composer and improvements of our video feature are just some of the news coming along with the next version of our measurement software.

We hope that we were able to give you some basic insights into our data acquisition software, even if you have already been using it in the past. Recently we hosted a webinar “OXYGEN for beginners – an intro to revolutionary data analysis”. In this webinar, Verena and Ivica did not only practically answer the questions above but showed even more useful features.

You missed it? No problem! Watch the video of the past webinar to refresh your knowledge!

We already work on more webinars dealing with OXYGEN for you. Check out our upcoming webinars and register now!

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