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Order Analysis with OXYGEN

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What is an order analysis?

Order analysis is a powerful tool that finds use in machinery diagnostics to analyze the noise and vibration of a rotating machine. During the order analysis, frequency and order spectra are plotted vs. speed. Through this analysis, it is possible to distinguish between frequencies which are related to rotational speed (orders) and frequencies which are not. Additional frequencies which are not related to the engine speed might have several sources. For instance, there could be a structural resonance which results from the broadband excitation. Apart from that, non-related frequencies might result from the presence of fixed frequencies of other components of the DUT.

Application examples

The scope of application is far-reaching, starting from basic plant machinery testing and going up to the most complex testing scenarios. To give an example, one could mention the product development and design validation in the automotive industry. In this particular case, the order analysis happens either at a fixed, constant speed or for a complete run-up. The latter means that the machine is accelerated from the lowest to the highest speed. If you want to find out how DEWETRON supports the automotive industry, follow this link.

OXYGEN’s order analysis function

DEWETRON’s measurement software OXYGEN also offers an optional order analysis feature. Thanks to that, OXYGEN becomes a full order analysis instrument for the calculation as well as visualization of frequency and order spectra vs. speed. In addition to that, we want to give you some particularities about our feature:

  • Simultaneous analysis of frequency and order domain
  • Smart resampling algorithm for fast and accurate results
  • Selectable speed ranges from 60 rpm to 100.000 rpm
  • Up to 90 % overlapping for the FFT calculation
  • Order extraction for selected orders for use in recorder or XY-instrument
  • Visualization of the result matrix in intensity diagrams

DEWETRON’s order analysis option in action

To demonstrate the easy-of-use and intuitiveness of this feature, we prepared a video for you. In the video, you can see the investigation of rotational vibration with our order analysis option.


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