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The Ultimate Guide for Testbed Interface Selection

15/05/2020 | Whitepaper, Knowledge
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The integration of a measurement device into a testbed system can be a challenging task. Therefore, we understand that you might not be sure about which testbed interface fits your requirements best. Additionally, we realized that there is no good overview of all the existing interfaces. This is why we have decided to bring light into the dark! One of our experts – Michael Oberhofer – created the ultimate guide to select the right testbed interface! Since we do not want to torture you, here is our introduction into DEWETRON’s world for testbed interfaces. And the best part about it: you can download our whitepaper for free by simply pressing the following button:

Download Whitepaper

Testbed Interface – DEWETRON’s Options

To ensure compatibility between measurement devices and as many testbeds as possible, DEWETRON’s measurement devices support a wide range of different testbed interfaces. We know that the selection of the right interface might be challenging. However, our experts are happy to help you out. Additionally to sending us a message with your concerns, you can download our ultimate guide for free. Here is a list of the interfaces our expert discusses in the free whitepaper:

  • SCPI – the generic interface
  • XCP – the ECU interface
  • DATA STREAM – the performance interface
  • Ethernet receiver/sender – the UDP interface
  • EtherCAT – the automation interface
  • CAN – the automotive interface
  • Other options

In addition to explaining every mentioned testbed interface, Michael Oberhofer lists other ways how to interact with the measurement device and the data (for instance via remote desktop connection, virtual network computing, or network drives). Furthermore, he gives you answers to the most frequently asked questions like how to identify the right testbed interface. Here is the download link:

Download Whitepaper

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