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DEWETRON celebrates 30-Years Anniversary

01/10/2019 | General

DEWETRON was founded in 1989 as supplier for PC components and measurement systems. At that time the market for computer-based Measurement systems was just arising and identified as segment with high potential for becoming a growing market. Based on that knowledge, DEWETRON started to build their own Measurement Systems and Measurement Software.

In 1993 the company launched their first PC-based Data Acquisition System, in 1995 the first test equipment for installing in a car.

With numerous innovations, DEWETRON was able to receive several awards over the last years – like the NASA Tech Briefs Award “Product of the Year” which has been received four times. DEWETRON won the Styrian Export Award in 2017 for mainly supplying to China, USA, Asia Pacific as well as the DACH region.

Software makes the difference

For a long time, the main criteria when buying a Measurement System was the hardware. Changing measurement requirements and customer needs as well as digitalization also changed the demands to software solutions. Nowadays, the software used in a measurement system is THE tool for the development of components, constructions and propulsion systems.

User of measurement systems are already used to user-friendly software solutions that makes handling of complex hardware very easy. DEWETRON’s Measurement Software OXYGEN, which was launched in 2014, meets all those requirements.

Globally present in various sectors

In the last 30 years DEWETRON was able to launch several innovations and build trust among their customers all over the world. More than 15.000 DEWETRON Measurement Systems with overall more than 350.000 measurement channels are used in well-known companies all over the world. One of DEWETRON’s strengths is to build customized measurement solutions that are ready-to-use but can also be easily adapted to the requirements of industrial applications, the Automotive or Transportation sector as well as to the Aerospace industry or Power Analysis.

What makes DEWETRON successful?

When DEWETRON’s CEO Klaus Quint talks about the strengths of the company, he says: “We simply do things with the measurable difference.”

Modularity and individuality have always been part of DEWETRON’s philosophy: The best solution can be built for and together with our customers. The concept of modular expandable Test & Measurement Systems enables us to find high-quality Measurement Solutions within a very short time-frame that fits best to the needs of our customers.

DEWETRON’s inhouse Customer Care Center team answers questions, provides trainings, calibration of systems as well as maintenance.

All measurement systems are manufactured within a precious production process followed by a final quality check at the headquarters in Grambach by an experienced team.


DEWETRON is part of the TKH group, a worldwide operating company group and employs about 120 people worldwide. DEWETRON has own offices in USA, Germany, France and China and also distributes their Measurement Systems via 25 partners spread all over the world. All devices are produced according to high quality standards and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. Environmental and quality management are not only a legal obligation – it is part of the company philosophy and all operating processes.

Join us celebrating and use our 30-years anniversary to your advantage!

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