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Office Opening Ceremony of DEWETRON in Beijing China

02/05/2018 | General
Opening of the new office of DEWETRON in China

Earlier this year, DEWETRON revealed exciting news: the opening of a new office of DEWETRON in China. Now, a few weeks later, the new location officially started its business. Therefore, we hosted an official opening ceremony.


The new DEWETRON office, located in the Huateng Building in Beijing was opened on April 12th, 2018. The newly built complex offers a pleasant working atmosphere for the DEWETRON team. Starting from now, DEWETRON in China is able to perform calibrations, provide trainings and conduct services and repairs. This means, that DEWETRON in China provides a huge service range which benefits our local customers. As a result, we are now able to react more quickly to the needs of our customers in China.

The official Opening Ceremony

For the first day of DEWETRON in China, the Chinese subsidiary planned something special: an official opening ceremony. At the event, the entire team, several partner companies as well as numerous guests joined the celebrations. Raimund Trummer, VP of Sales of DEWETRON GmbH and General Manager of DEWETRON China moderated the ceremony. As a long-term DEWETRON employee, he knows the uniqueness of the company and internalized its values. Therefore, he is the perfect fit for this position.
In his position as moderator of the ceremony, he pointed out the strategic importance of the Chinese market. Especially when considering future activities, DEWETRON in China builds the foundation for continuing success.

In his speech Raimund Trummer further explains:
“The focus, in addition to offering our complete product line of measurement systems to the Chinese market, is also local customer service, including system maintenance and repair, to meet the market requirements precisely and efficiently.”

Following to the ceremony, the local sales team presented the current product line to distributors and other participants. The presentation also allowed to present the latest innovations and technologies of the test and measurement industry. The highlight of DEWETRON’s product portfolio like its next generation of power analyzers and the software OXYGEN became special attention. This event was the first step for the establishment of close, long-term relationsips with customers of DEWETRON.

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