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DEWESoft™ turns our hardware into a powerful data acquisition system!

With its new version 7 DEWETRON introduces in its market leading software major new features to shorten time for measurement set-up, data management, data navigation, and analysis to enable increased test and measurement efficiency.

The new built in sequencer allows user friendly graphical programming of workflows to automate measurement and test tasks enabling productivity and quality improvements. Its new structure allows to visualize, navigate and zoom in huge data files of multiple GB without delays. The new project files will setup the measurement instruments in seconds including complete hardware setup, measurement configuration, and sensor calibration.

Engineers and technicians appreciate the ease of use and short learning curve that DEWETRON systems provide and have come to rely on it for demanding test and measurement applications all over the world.


DEWESoft™ turns your hardware into a powerful data acquisition system. Our award-winning data acquisition package is second to none when it comes to both pure recording power and ease of use. Normally this is a difficult balancing act: providing lots of capability and performance, without making the user interface hard to learn. But we have done it!

DEWESoft™ is the solution to acquire signals synchronous from different sources, display and store them together and offer the data for post analysis.


Key features of DEWETRON systems running DEWESoft™

  • Perfect sync of analog, digital, counter, CAN, GPS, Video, ARINC, 1553 data … and even more
  • Fast and easy setup of all kinds of input channels
  • Failsafe and simple sensor setup by TEDS or sensor database
  • Powerful online data processing, MATH functions, filters, statistics, reference curves
  • Attractive online display of all kind of data, creation of displays is a matter of seconds
  • Various storing strategies, stream data to hard disk (up to 100 MB/s), triggered storing or database storing
  • Analog, digital or CAN data output, powerful function generator, alarms, CAN messages
  • Build test procedures in a form of workflow diagram by means of our sequencer
  • Fast data analysis, reload GB files in seconds
  • Post processing, a data file can be post-processed on any computer
  • Ready to use applications, Power calculations, Combustion analysis, Torsional Vibration, Order tracking, Sound analysis, Frequency response function, Human vibrations, Balancing ... and even more




DEWESoft™ has set a whole new standard when it comes to easy to use data acquisition systems. Nothing else even comes close!

It starts with easy channel setup, a built-in sensor database that you can populate yourself - or automatically when TEDS sensors are connected. Complete control over all of the hardware and interfaces installed is next ... and not just the A/D card and signal conditioners, but your video camera, GPS sensor, IRIG time code interface, multiple CAN-bus interfaces, ARINC 429 and MIL-STD-1553 ports, and many more. The list of interfaces continues to grow as we add new ones per your requests!

Measure Mode: Incredible displays - including create your own screens

Of course we build the basic screens for you, like scope, recorder, FFT, and more... but you can make whatever screens you need. Name and sort them freely. But whatever display types on them that you like: analog and digital meters, graphs, tabular displays, X-Y graphs, GPS tracks, scopes, and more. DEWESoft™ users tell us that designing their own screens is their favorite part of using DEWESoft™.

Amazing MATH functions
On-line and off-line calculations

Years ago, there were only two basic types of math channels that you could create inside DEWESoft™: II R filters and user-programmed formulas. But today it's a whole new world - there are literally dozens of useful math functions built into DEWESoft™, including statistical calculations, IIR, FIR, and FFT filtering, strain gage rosette calculations, a powerful formula writer that allows you to create just about anything, and much more!


Create a MATH channel and then choose from a wide variety of types, starting with arithmetic functions, trigonometry, algebra, boolean logic, and more. Multiply channels together, and then add a constant, or a third channel. That’s simple. Now how about taking the cosine of channel 1, multiplying it by PI, and the dividing by the tangent of another channel -- but only when channel 9 is greater than 112.321? All that and more are possible - even EASY - within DEWESoft™. You can even use MATH channels within another MATH channel -- it’s that versatile. There are numerous built-in measurement functions, too, for measuring the distance in time between user-definable conditions -- or delta amplitudes between user-defined conditions, just to name a few.


And starting in version 7 we added the ability of math channels to be created and run AFTER you record your data - so you can record the data "raw" to disk and then apply filters and every other math function afterwards! This is a great addition to the software, and a great additional tool in your chest!

New advanced features in DEWESoft™ 7

We've also added array based mathematics and three dimensional displays to version 7. And a powerful new sequencer allows you to create an entire test and then let DEWESoft step through it automatically, pausing when you want it to, or need to make a choice, for example. It can even talk to you using text-to-speech technology, and play multimedia audio and video files.

Analyze Mode - Replay, export, share data

Here you can replay any captured data file, zoom in with the recorder graph cursors, make measurements, print in full color to any Windows printer, and export the data to a wide variety of formats compatible with today‘s popular analysis software packages, like Flexpro, Matlab, Excel, and many more. You can even export a AVI video file from your recorded data to create “moving documentation.“


NO LICENSE is needed to use DEWESoft™ in the ANALYZE mode, so you can install the software on all your computers, or even distribute it to your customers, and they can install it. In this way, all of your colleagues and customers can replay your data files and do all of the functions that you can – just give them the data file to open.



DEWESoft™ is a trademark of Dewesoft d.o.o