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Free-Fall Tests For Radioactive Substances

What is the customer’s measurement task?

Our customer is a public authority with a primary focus on materials research and testing. In doing so, the organization has built up a high level of expertise in ensuring safety in technology in general and the chemical industry in particular. The project, which DEWETRON has the privilege to accompany and support, aims to rigorously test and subsequently certify transport containers for high-risk radioactive materials. This requires simulating both normal and accidental transport conditions. The simulations include, for example, free-fall tests, puncture tests, thermal tests, or aircraft accidents. The main focus is on free-fall tests, as these are particularly demanding due to the high number of channels required.





Which configuration provided the right system?

As this system will be used stationary, our customer chose the DEWE3-RM16 system with 16 slots for exchangeable TRION/TRION3 modules. This allows our customer to record up to 128 channels with this measurement system. Furthermore, the customer can expand the measurement system or network it with other systems. This is also the case for this application: in addition to the rack-mount system, our customer works with the DEWE3-A4 all-in-one system, which offers space for up to four TRION/TRION3 modules and, thanks to a built-in 15.6″ multi-touch display, it enables evaluations directly on the measuring system. The measurement systems are equipped with 16 TRION3-1850-MULTI-4D modules and one TRION-1802-dLV module. Data evaluation is carried out with the help of OXYGEN and thanks to the OXYGEN-NET option, the customer can easily network the two systems with each other.


Which signals/physical units does the customer want to measure?

With the help of the DEWETRON measurement system, the customer gets the flexibility to record a variety of signals. In this application, the customer measures strain (DMS), shock, vibration, temperature, and voltage in particular.


Why was OXYGEN the right choice? Does the customer use additional software options?

The customer chose DEWETRON’s in-house measurement software OXYGEN because it can also measure a high number of channels quickly, synchronously, and reliably. In this project, the reliability of the data is particularly important, as these tests cannot be repeated due to their special implementation. Accordingly, the stability of the measurement device, the software, and the interaction of the two is paramount in the data recording. With the help of OXYGEN-NET, the two measurement systems can be easily networked, which greatly simplifies our customer’s work. In addition, the customer enjoys the fact that the necessary analyses can be carried out directly on the measurement device – so the customer can easily and, above all, quickly obtain results, such as the vibration velocity.


How does further data processing look like?

In this application, the focus is clearly on data collection, as the data sets are passed on to our client’s customer. Nevertheless, the customer also performs many calculations himself – thanks to OXYGEN directly online. In addition, thanks to numerous export options, OXYGEN allows the data to be exported suitably for third-party software. This greatly simplifies further processing at the client’s as well as at our client’s customer.


Where does the customer want to use the system?

Our customer uses the DEWETRON measurement system stationary in their own test facility – therefore a fixed rack-mount system is ideal. To ensure the necessary mobility, the system was expanded with a device from the all-in-one series – the DEWE3-A4.


How does the customer want to access the system?

Since a safe distance to the test facility must be maintained during the entire measurement, the customer operates the system remotely. As DEWETRON offers a range of different remote connections, our customer had the choice and finally decided in favor of Windows Remote Desktop (RDP).


Which sampling rate does the customer need?

The sampling rate depends on the experiment but can be up to 5 MS/s per channel with 64 channels.


What about the bandwidth?

The client uses the bandwidth up to 2 MHz. However, good filters are also necessary to prevent anti-aliasing.


Does the application require sensor power supply?

Both the strain gauges and the vibration sensors need a stable voltage supply. The TRION3-1850-MULTI-4D is ideal for this, as it is very flexible with a freely programmable voltage supply of 0 V to 24 V per channel.


How long does the measurement take? Is a triggered measurement necessary?

The measurement is a free-fall test, so it only takes 1 to 2 seconds. It is therefore all the more important that the customer can rely on the DEWETRON measurement system and the data it collects. Since the necessary safety distance must always be maintained during the measurement, the customers starts it with the help of a trigger.


Why did the customer choose DEWETRON equipment over other products?

This customer has been a long-term partner for many years. We are all the more pleased that the customer chooses DEWETRON again and again. The main reasons for choosing DEWETRON are the quality of our products on the one hand and technical specifications on the other. The former is important to the customer because DEWETRON products have a very long product life cycle due to their high-quality manufacturing. This means that the time and cost of learning new hardware and software can be kept low. The latter has also given DEWETRON the opportunity to stand out from the competition. Because of the nature of the measurement task it demanded an extremely small measuring range of 0.02 mV/V for strain gauges, which DEWETRON makes possible. The fact that the new measurement technology was compatible with existing measurement technology was of course also a plus point.



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Sven Deckert – Senior Sales Manager at DEWETRON – guided the customer through the entire project with advice and assistance. He is very passionate about challenges in the mobility sector no matter whether four, two, or – like for this application – even no tires. Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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