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Success Story #5

Testing of High-Performance Material Wires

What is the customer’s measurement task?

Our customer is a global manufacturer of high-performance materials that enable the safe implementation of processes in a corrosive environment under high temperatures. The customer’s core competence is in the field of nickel, cobalt, and zirconium alloys, which are used in a wide variety of areas such as aviation, automotive engineering, or the chemical process industry. The resulting wires are tested for electrical as well as physical properties using a DEWETRON measuring system. The accuracy of the properties is essential for further use under demanding requirements.





Which configuration provided the right system?

Due to the versatile use at different test sites within the welding lab, the customer chose a mobile measurement system – our DEWE2-A4L. The all-in-one system with a built-in PC, integrated data storage, four slots for exchangeable TRION modules, and a 15.6″ multi-touch display offers everything needed for both mobile and stationary use. The system was equipped with three TRION modules, more precisely two TRION-1620-LV-6-L1B and one TRION-BASE module. While the former acquire the data of the supplied piezo force sensors, the TRION-BASE module is used to synchronize the external video. The video is recorded via a GigE camera (DEWE-CAM-GIGE-120) provided by DEWETRON. The data analysis is done with the help of OXYGEN. Our customer uses both the standard license of OXYGEN and the extension for external videos (OXY-OPT-EXT-VIDEO).


Which signals/physical units does the customer want to measure?

With the help of the DEWETRON measurement system, the customer gets the flexibility to record a variety of signals. In particular, this application measures force, current, voltage, and speed.


Why was OXYGEN the right choice? Does the customer use additional software options?

Our customer evaluates the collected data exclusively with OXYGEN – the measurement software from DEWETRON. In addition to the standard license of OXYGEN, our customer also uses the OXY-OPT-EXT-VIDEO option, with which video data can be recorded in addition to other sensor data. This feature was one of the reasons why our customer chose OXYGEN. Thanks to the simple possibility of integrating videos, the customer can record and analyze videos from a highspeed camera synchronously. Apart from that, DEWETRON’s mixed-signal approach was crucial, as DEWETRON’s hardware and software can be used to record, scale and analyze a wide range of signals from a variety of sensors.


How does further data processing look like?

The customer uses OXYGEN’s offline functions – this means that the customer does not analyze the data during the recording, but afterward in post-processing. Thanks to OXYGEN’s raw data storage, many of the functions are also possible offline. For example, our customer can record and analyze data from a highspeed camera synchronously (frame-by-frame). Thanks to the creation of a separate video file in MKV format, our customer can also easily view and edit the data in other applications.


Where does the customer want to use the system?

Our customer uses the measurement system in its own welding laboratory. There, the users flexibly move the system between the individual test stations, which is why the customer chose a mobile measuring device.


How does the customer want to access the system?

Our customer operates the measurement system directly on site. To create accurate setups, etc., the customer operates the system via the built-in touch display, which is part of the all-in-one system. Further preparations and post-processing, however, happen offline at the PCs of the team members.


Which sampling rate does the customer need?

The customer works with sampling rates between 20 kHz and 200 kHz, depending on the application.


What about the bandwidth?

Bandwidth is secondary to our customer’s application, so it was not a challenge.


Does the application require sensor power supply?

The customer requires a sensor power supply for the piezo force sensors. This is provided by the TRION-1620-LV-6-L1B modules with a freely programmable range between 1 V and 28 V. Therefore, no external power supply is required.


How long does the measurement take? Is a triggered measurement necessary?

Our customer’s measurements usually take less than a minute. In this case, the employees start the measurements themselves, without a trigger being applied.


Why did the customer choose DEWETRON equipment over other products?

We are delighted that this success story represents a long-standing customer of DEWETRON. Due to the high level of satisfaction with the previous system, it was from the very beginning clear to the customer that the new requirements that had arisen should also be covered by a DEWETRON measurement system. Another reason for the quick decision was the ease of use – even without a long training period. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, new employees can quickly perform their first measurement tasks.



Meet our expert to talk about this application

Mark Wehmschulte – Sales Manager at DEWETRON Germany – guided the customer through the entire project with advice and assistance. He sees it as his personal mission to offer customers added value by demonstrating how simple and straightforward measurement technology can be. Thus, he looks after all interested parties – between entry level and advanced level – who use measurement technology. Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn.

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: +49 7181 2698113

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