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Success Story #4

Development, Service & Quality Check of Welding Systems

What is the customer’s measurement task?

Our customer is a well-known, globally represented supplier in the metal industry. One of the customer’s core competencies is covered by the “Welding” division. Within this scope, high-quality welding systems and welding additive materials are produced, which are used worldwide. The measurement tasks of our customer are extensive and varied along the production chain. DEWETRON’s measurement systems are used in the development of new equipment, end-of-line quality checks, and in the servicing of equipment.





Which configuration provided the right system?

Due to the versatile application which also includes mobile applications, it was immediately clear that only a mobile measurement system provides a suitable option for our customer. Our DEWE3-A4 is the ideal solution, as it is an all-in-one system with a built-in PC, integrated data storage, four slots for exchangeable TRION/TRION3 modules, and a 13″ multi-touch wide-screen full HD display, offering everything needed for both mobile and stationary use. The system was equipped with our TRION3-1820-MULTI module, as this allrounder can be used to measure a wide range of signals. Thus, the customer can handle the entire measurement task with only one signal conditioning module. This also allows to easily expand the number of channels with another TRION3-1820-MULTI module. For the signal acquisition, the customer uses a microphone as well as a current clamp – both components were also supplied directly by DEWETRON.


Which signals/physical units does the customer want to measure?

DEWETRON’s TRION3-1820-MULTI module offers the customer the flexibility to measure a variety of signals with a range of different sensors. In this specific application, the customer is measuring voltage, current, vibration, and displacement in order to test and guarantee the high quality of the welding systems.


Why was OXYGEN the right choice? Does the customer use additional software options?

There were several reasons why our customer chose OXYGEN – the measurement software from DEWETRON. On the one hand, the graphical user interface (GUI) with intuitive operation and a freely definable display for easy creation of diverse measurement screens was convincing. In addition, the online analysis, which already takes place during the measurement, is an important function for our customer, since a large part of the evaluations is covered by OXYGEN’s mathematical formulas. In addition, OXYGEN enables a fast and uncomplicated export, which makes it possible to implement further application-specific analyses in Matlab.


How does further data processing look like?

The process-relevant measured variables are immediately evaluated in OXYGEN with the online analysis function. In addition, the customer has developed an evaluation method in Matlab that is specially adapted to the application. Therefore, after the initial evaluation in OXYGEN, the data is exported in the correct data format to initiate specific analyses.


Where does the customer want to use the system?

The customer’s system is used in a variety of ways. On the one hand, it is used in the production plant, on the other hand, it is also used during visits to our customer’s customer. In the production plant, the DEWE3-A4 is used both stationary and mobile.


How does the customer want to access the system?

The customer works both directly on the system and with remote control. For mobile applications outside the production environment, the customer uses the built-in 13″ multi-touch widescreen full HD display. On-site, the system is operated either with a mouse and a keyboard or remotely via RDP (Windows Remote Desktop).


Which sampling rate does the customer need?

The customer works with sampling rates between 20 kHz and 200 kHz, depending on the application.


What about the bandwidth?

Bandwidth is secondary to our customer’s application, so it was not a challenge.


Does the application require sensor power supply?

The customer requires a sensor supply for both the microphone and the current clamp. Our customer uses the internal supply provided by the TRION3-1820-MULTI module.


How long does the measurement take? Is a triggered measurement necessary?

For the measurement, the customer works with triggers. The triggered measurement starts as soon as a predefined welding rate has been reached. The measurements can last from 2 minutes to 20 minutes.


Why did the customer choose DEWETRON equipment over other products?

The TRION3-1820-MULTI module offers the customer the necessary flexibility to be able to record all necessary and perhaps unexpected measurement variables in the future. The system can be expanded at any time, both in terms of the type of measured variables and the number of channels required. For possible measurements at the customers of our customer, the DEWE3-A4 proves the necessary mobility – on the one hand in form and weight, on the other hand also thanks to the option for external battery supply. The possibility to connect to the system via RDP (Windows Remote Desktop) and also to control it was an essential aspect that strongly influenced the customer’s decision. As the conditions in the production plant are often unpleasant due to noise, heat, and dirt, the customer can protect employees with the help of remote control.



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Ivica Baresic – Business Development & Sales Austria at DEWETRON – guided the customer through the entire project with advice and assistance. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” is his professional credo and so he finds the right measurement solution for all challenges. He supports many customers from industry and research institutions to initiate optimizations from prototypes to processes and to deliver high quality products. Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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