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Designed for high-speed automotive data acquisition


The portable DEWE3-M8s is DC and battery powered and therefore perfect for automotive applications like in-vehicle power and efficiency measurements, durability or vehicle dynamics tests, WLTP or e-charger measurements, and many more.

  • Up to 64 analog inputs (via 8 exchangeable TRION(3) modules)
  • Several powering options
  • 2 integrated battery bays for uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

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DEWE3-M8s for in-vehicle data acquisition

Key Features Data Acquisition Systems


  • Isolated DC, ext. AC power supply
  • UPS function with opt. batteries
  • 2 separate power inputs for mutual power supply backup

Interfaces from Data Acquisition Systems


  • 64 analog inputs
  • Up to 10 MS/s
  • Sync, CAN, DIOs, counter integrated

Downloads from our Data Acquisition Systems


Various synchronization and networking options

Synchronization of several systems via GPS and OXYGEN-NET

If you need more than 64 input channels, we have several networking and synchronization solutions for you – even for different locations.

  • OXYGEN-NET: With the OXYGEN-NET software option you can combine several DAQ systems to one virtual measurement device. Setup and control is easily done for all systems from the main device.
    This works with absolute time synchronization via: PTP (IEEE 1588), GPS, IRIG, PPS
Channel expansion by TRIONet3
  • High-speed channel expansion: With several TRIONet3 front-end systems you can add further high-speed channels. Up to 100 m distance is possible between two devices.
  • Rugged channel expansions: By using the waterproof and rugged XR modules, you can use additional quasi-static channel inputs for e.g. temperature signals. XR modules are available with CAN or RS-485 interface.

Power Supply Options

The DEWE3-M8s offers various power supply options to match all needs of automotive test engineers. Due to the hot-swap technology, the batteries can be exchanged during ongoing measurement and enable mobile continuous operation without an external power source. A dedicated OXYGEN plugin allows the user to monitor the battery status during the measurement campaign.

  • Isolated wide range power supply from 11 … 32 VDC
  • External AC power supply incl.
  • UPS function with battery charger and and 2 integrated, hot-swappable battery bays
  • 2 separate power inputs that can be used mutually as power supply backup


DEWE3-M8s power options

OXYGEN Measurement Software

Our OXYGEN measurement software is at the heart of every DEWE3-M8s. Countless software functions are possible with OXYGEN. The basic functionalities include attractively designed visualization tools for intuitive operation. Good visualization is what gives data its value.

  • 16 different visualization tools for every purpose
  • Highly customizable screens, perfect for your application
  • Multi-monitor support for the best overview

OXYGEN Visualization screen

User exchangeable TRION modules

All high-speed TRION3 and TRION modules are supported by our DEWE3-M8s. We offer TRION(3) modules for almost every sensor and inputs like voltage, current, power, vibration (IEPE), bridges (strain gauges), potentiometers, RTD, CAN, counter inputs, thermocouples, etc. Use external time sources for synchronization, like GPS, PTP or IRIG.

Choose from different TRION3 & TRION modules

More channels - for temperature and more

You need additional channels for temperature measurement? Or for slow voltage, current or RTD signals?

Extend your DEWE3-M8s with our rugged multi-channel expansions. They combine analog signal conditioning and A/D conversion in an extremely rugged box for CAN or RS485 interfaces.

Several versions are available. Please read more about the daisy-chainable channel expansions here

Different external, multichannel modules can be connected and combine analog signal conditioning and A/D converter in an extreme rugged box

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