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We present the NEX[DAQ] – our robust, versatile and compact DAQ system

04/05/2023 | General, Hardware

We present our new product development – the NEX[DAQ]. With it, we are taking a big and important step towards the next generation of versatile data acquisition devices. The NEX[DAQ] is compact, versatile and robust making it the MUST-HAVE for every measurement and maintenance engineer. Whether you have service, maintenance, monitoring or RnD tasks, the NEX[DAQ] is your reliable partner for your measurement tasks.


Robust, versatile and compact – these are the advantages of the NEX[DAQ]:


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“When developing the NEXDAQ, it was important to us that it is compact, but also robust – and thus universally applicable. It was therefore obvious that it had to withstand both very high and very low temperatures. But also water, dust and dirt should not harm our new product development. For this reason, the NEXDAQ is protected according to IP67 and is also fanless,” says Christoph Wiedner, CEO of DEWETRON.


The NEX[DAQ] – the ideal travel companion for measurement technicians

Because the NEXDAQ is so versatile, it can also be used in a wide variety of applications and industries. Whether you are a test and validation engineer, a measurement, maintenance or service technician, or work in research, the NEXDAQ will always reliably provide you with accurate and objective measurement data.

Due to its compact size and light weight, the NEXDAQ is the ideal travel companion for engineers who need to make a quick plane ride to the job site. It fits easily into any pocket and can thus be used for troubleshooting, maintenance or commissioning of equipment – such as machines or test benches.

NEX[DAQ] + Case

The NEXDAQ is therefore the ideal solution for countless applications. For example, in measurements on vehicles such as cars or motorcycles, end-of-line tests in production lines, troubleshooting of aircraft engines, component tests, monitoring of ride comfort in trains or other means of transport, tests and field tests of agricultural or construction machinery – such as material testing on the excavator arm or simple NVH tests – testing the thermal management of e-vehicles, simple performance analyses and many more.

NEX[DAQ] application


The most important technical facts about the NEX[DAQ].

It is an 8-channel front-end available in both 1 MS/s and 200 kS/s versions with 24-bit resolution. By default, it offers multiple power supply options for easy and worry-free use in any situation. Thus, it can be powered up with any simple power adapter via the USB-C PD connector, but also with a standard smartphone power bank (12 VDC). Other ways to power the NEXDAQ are either via the Lemo jack or via Power-over-Ethernet via the PoE switch.

It has 4 expandable and 8 simple input channels as well as 2 CAN-FD inputs. The NEXDAQ offers you a very powerful and versatile sensor supply with freely programmable supply voltages. It natively supports voltages up to 100 V as well as full and half bridge sensors.

In addition, you can connect almost any sensor to the NEXDAQ via the MSI sensor adapters. This allows you to measure voltages up to 600 V, vibrations, temperatures, strain voltages, sound pressure, pressure, speed and much more.


Using the NEX[DAQ]

The compact data logger can be easily connected to the desired laptop or PC via USB-C or Ethernet. With the purchase of a NEXDAQ you also receive our in-house measurement software OXYGEN. This runs on any conventional Windows PC but also on a Linux system. In addition, it ensures fast setup, precise data recording and fast generation of meaningful reports, e.g. as PDF.

If you ever need more than one NEXDAQ for your measurement task, that is no problem either. You can chain several devices together via a single cable connection. The big advantage of our system over existing ones is that with Ethernet or PTP sync you get absolutely synchronous data without having to get an additional device for synchronization.

As mentioned before, it does not mind harsh environmental conditions. Whether it is hot, cold, dirty, wet, dusty or noisy – the NEXDAQ can withstand such conditions and still provide you with accurate and synchronized measurement data. An Ethernet connection also makes it easy to place the NEXDAQ near the sensors while the user is in a clean environment with the measurement laptop, the distance can be up to 100 meters.

NEXDAQ wired

The NEX[DAQ] is our compact, versatile, and robust data measuring system. And therefore, also the MUST-HAVE for every measurement and maintenance engineer. It is your reliable partner for service as well as maintenance, monitoring or RnD tasks. Learn more about our new product development now:




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