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Innovation management at DEWETRON

28/07/2022 | General, Knowledge, Services

Every company has values that make up its own corporate philosophy. Some companies present themselves as reliable, some place a high value on environmental awareness, while others advertise their high-quality standards. But have you ever noticed that almost every company promotes itself as innovative?

At DEWETRON, “innovation” is not just an empty phrase to attract customers, but much more. Our innovation process runs through the entire company and thus not only influences our corporate structure, but also what you can achieve with our products.

In this article, we want to tell you more about what innovation means and how DEWETRON is driving measurement technology forward with innovative products.

What is innovation management?

What is the difference between an idea, an invention and an innovation? Most people use these terms synonymously, but an innovation is much more than just an invention. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but only a few of these ideas do actually have a value and therefore a practical application. Only these ideas, which have value and can be realized in practise, are called innovations.


An idea with value and application is an innovation

To innovate in the long run, however, it takes more than just creativity – it takes innovation management. Innovation management deals with the process of idea generation and the subsequent implementation. But not every idea can be implemented in the way it went through your head at the beginning. In order to concretize, improve and also test ideas, one needs several steps. This process is then called the innovation process.

There are different ways to build an innovation process. For each industry and each company an individual approach leads to the goal. Nevertheless, there are certain ready-made innovation processes that have proven themselves in practice. Probably the best-known model is the so-called stage-gate model, which defines a series of stages and gates that ultimately lead to the desired result.

But there is one thing you should never forget: You cannot enforce creativity. Therefore, innovation should be encouraged, but not demanded. To facilitate idea generation, it is necessary to create a suitable atmosphere. Even the craziest ideas should not be dismissed. Often, these ideas, albeit in an adapted form, revolutionize our lives.

Equally important as revolutions, however, are modifications. The regular, albeit small, update of products constantly drives technology. Here too, innovation plays a role, because no process is so insignificant that one should not rethink it.

The innovation process at DEWETRON

For us, innovation is not just a word, but part of our philosophy. Our innovation process involves our entire team, which also allows us to collect a larger number of ideas. Every employee has the opportunity to contribute ideas, whether these are product or process ideas, or whether they have to do with sustainability or employee culture – every suggestion is welcome.

Every employee also has access to our idea platform. There, they can see what ideas other colleagues have contributed and which ideas have managed to become real innovations. If an idea receives enough support, it is further concretized and evaluated.

But only now the real work begins: the implementation. For this purpose, we choose a project leader to monitor and drive the progress of the project. It can take months until a finished innovation has emerged from this process. This is also due to the intensive testing that is necessary during the innovation process.

Innovation process

Innovation process at DEWETRON

Just as much a part of our innovation management is the training and collaboration of our employees. Our idea platform provides a great place to discuss new ideas. At the same time, we publish articles on a regular basis which help our team to think more creatively. These include articles like “The Innovation Advantage of Tesla” or “4 Tips for Innovative Thinking”.

Of course, we are also open to input from outside. Above all, our loyal customers are always giving us feedback and suggestions for improvement. We gladly take this information and implement it. Our OXYGEN data acquisition software is a perfect example. With each new update, we add features that have been requested by customers. Let us hear from you too, just visit our Customer Care Center.

Experience innovation – with DEWETRON

You want to experience innovation firsthand? – Then you have come to the right place! Our products are not only at the cutting edge of technology, but they are also innovative. Something that is particularly important to us is our environment. We are an official partner of GROW MY TREE and therefore not only plant a lot of trees, but also expand our “DEWETRON forest”. Our current DEWETRON forest already neutralizes more than 10 tons of CO2 per year. In addition, we take care to ensure responsible use of resources in all our products. Therefore, we avoid conflict materials and use electricity from renewable sources.

Our products themselves are also innovative. Just take a look at our unique PU[REC]. This is an innovative data recorder that is suitable for all applications. With its up to 200 kS/s sampling rate and a measurement accuracy of 0.02 %, it delivers precise and accurate measurement results. Furthermore, the 15.6″ multi-touch display paired with our in-house OXYGEN software enables a user experience you never knew before.

Would you like to take a closer look at the PU[REC] and our other measuring systems? Then visit us on our website. In addition to our measurement systems and the OXYGEN software, you will also find a number of whitepapers, webinars or even video tutorials there. Likewise, we would be happy if you visit us on social media. We are active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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