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Connector types at DEWETRON

17/12/2021 | Knowledge, General, Hardware

The ports of a measuring device are its gateway to the outside world. It is therefore particularly important to understand and to be able to use them. However, with all the connections and standards that are common in the industry, it is easy to lose track of them. That is why we want to tell you about the different types of connectors used in DEWETRONs TRION(3) boards and beyond. The naming of our TRION(3) boards follows the nomenclature below:

Nomenclature of the TRION(3) boards

The last block indicates the connection type. TRION(3) boards primarily contain connectors of the following types: BNC, LEMO, D-SUB, RJ-45, SMB, safety banana plugs. We will deal with them one after the other.


Description & application: The BNC connector is probably the most commonly used coaxial connector type. The coaxial technology used offers excellent shielding against interference signals, making it therefore ideal for applications in radio or video technology. BNC is also perfectly suitable for transmitting weak current signals, for example in laboratories.

Data acquisition modules: TRION-1620-LV/ACC (6 channel BNC), TRION-1603-LV (6 channel BNC), TRION3-18xx-MULTI-AOUT-8 (3 channels BNC), TRION-2402-dACC (8 channel BNC), TRION-BASE, TRION-TIMING, TRION-VGPS-20/100-V3

Accessories: TRION-CBL-SMB-BNC-01-00: Adapter from BNC socket to SMB

BNC connector

BNC connector



Description & application: LEMO connectors can be used at temperatures up to 250 °C and are also protected against dust with IP50. It is therefore known as a versatile and robust connector. Applications for LEMO are in fiber optics or TV technology. Also, many laboratories use LEMO because of its high bandwidth, which ranges from low to high voltage. The LEMO B series comes in different sizes (LEMO 00 to LEMO B5).

Data acquisition modules: TRION-1620-LV/ACC (6 channel 1B LEMO), TRION-1603-LV (6 channel 1B LEMO), TRION(3)-1820-MULTI ( 8 channel 0B LEMO), TRION3-18xx-MULTI-AOUT-8 (8 channel 0B LEMO), TRION3-1850-MULTI-8-LOB (8 channel 0B LEMO), TRION-2402-MULTI-4-D (8 channel 0B LEMO), TRION-2402-dSTG (6/8 channels 1b/0B LEMO), TRION-BASE, TRION-VGPS-20/100-V3, TRION-CNT

Accessories: TRION-ADAP-CLAMP-L1B8-D9F: Adapter from LEMO 1B to D-SUB-9. This allows for example the connection of Hall sensors.

LEMO connector

LEMO connector



Description & application: For data processing or computer system applications, D-SUB has become well established. This connector type was developed by CANON in 1952 and quickly adapted as a standard. Since D-SUB is a very versatile connector it is available in many different versions, ranging from high power to coaxial types.

Data acquisition modules: TRION(3)-1820-MULTI (4 channel D-SUB), TRION3-18xx-MULTI-AOUT-8 (D-SUB-27), TRION3-1850-MULTI-8-LOB (4 channel D-SUB), TRION-2402-MULTI-4-D (4 channel D-SUB), TRION-1802/1600-dLV-32, TRION-2402-dSTG (8 channel D-SUB-9), TRION-BASE, TRION-TIMING, TRION-VGPS-20/100-V3, TRION-CAN (4 channel D-SUB-9)

Accessories: TRION-CBL-D9-CPAD-01-00: Adapter from D-SUB-9 to CPAD. The connection to a CPAD module is possible.

d-sub connector

D-SUB connector



Description & application: The RJ-45 is a typical connector for network or telephone applications used all over the world. In order to ensure interference-free transmission of information the cables are usually twisted. The naming RJ stands for “registered jack” which emphasizes the standardized application of the connection.

Data acquisition modules: TRION-2402-dSTG (8 channels RJ-45), TRION-TIMING, TRION-VGPS-20/100-V3

Accessories: TRION-CBL-RJ-OE-05-00: Cable from RJ-45 to open-end.

RJ-45 connector

RJ-45 connector



Description & application: One of the most versatile interfaces in electrical engineering is the SMB connection. It is just as suitable for applications with direct current as it is for applications with alternating current. SMB connectors are available with impedances of 50 Ω or 75 Ω. However, one disadvantage of the SMB connector is its lower robustness. In harsh environments, one should therefore rather consider using an SMA connector.

Data acquisition modules: TRION-2402-dACC (8 channel SMB), TRION-BASE, TRION-TIMING (SMB & SMA), TRION-VGPS-20/100-V3 (SMA & SMB)

Accessories: TRION-CBL-SMB-BNC-01-00: Adapter from BNC socket to SMB.

SMB connector

SMB connector


Safety banana plugs

Description & application: The banana plug is suitable for low voltage and low current applications. It is also capable of signal transmission to a certain extent. However, banana plugs lack noise isolation which limits it’s use cases. Advantages of the banana plug are its simple application and low cost production. It often finds application in electrical laboratories.

Data acquisition modules: Trion-2402-V, TRION-1810-HV-8, TRION(3)-18xx-POWER-4, TRION3-1810-SUB-8

Accessories: SMB SE-CUR-SHUNT-01(UNI): 20 mA shunt adapter for 4 mm banana plugs.

banana plug

Safety banana plug


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