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10 facts about our multifunctional highspeed modules

26/02/2021 | General

Every measurement engineer knows the challenge of searching for a module with a maximum of flexibility while being fast and reliable at the same time. Our multifunctional highspeed modules of the TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI-series are the best solution when precision, speed and dynamic are needed. They are compatible with measurement systems of the DEWE3-series and can achieve the highest performance of 5 MS/s. Besides being super fast, you can choose between 9 input types or expand the functionality with selected MSI adapters for almost every sensor and application.

You are not sure, if the multifunctional highspeed modules are the right product for you? Maybe the next 10 facts can help to decide.


Five different types of the TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI-series modules are available, which differ in the highest possible sample rate and two types of input connectors for higher or lower channel density. The variety of modules maximize channel density and speed.
The TRION-1820-MULTI-4-D can not only be used in DEWE3 chassis but also in DEWE2 systems. All other modules require the DEWE3-series that unleash the highest performance of your modules – even at high channel count.



With a simultaneous sample rate of up to 5 MS/s per channel for the TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI modules and 2 MS/s per channel for the TRION-1820-MULTI module, these modules are perfect to measure fast pulses or signals in applications like explosion tests, drop tests or electrical tests. The automatic oversampling mode, using averaging and filtering techniques increase the resolution while the sample rate drops.
If the TRION-1820-MULTI module is used with a measurement system of the DEWE2-series, still a sample rate of 2 MS/s is possible.


The multifunctional highspeed modules provide 9 narrative modes: bridge, voltage, current, IEPE, resistance, potentiometer, temperature (RTD), counter and CAN.


4 MSI compatibility

To be able to connect charge, thermocouple and LVDT inputs, you can simply connect one of the Modular Smart Interfaces (MSI) to your modules. They additionally expand the measurement functionality of your TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI modules.

You can’t imagine, how MSIs work? In our video, we show how easy it is to expand our data recorder PU[REC] with MSIs.


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Our engineers equipped the TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI modules with some advanced features to provide you with excellent signal to noise ratio. The analog anti-aliasing filter enables aliasing free data. Additionally, we equipped the modules with a precise lowpass filter with Bessel or Butterworth characteristic up to 8th order with freely programmable cutoff frequency. The TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI modules provide DC or AC coupling, whereas the AC-coupling is freely programmable (0.16 Hz to 100 Hz).


Our multifunctional highspeed modules provide ultra-low noise and excellent accuracy. By using frequency compensated analog amplifiers, the TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI series can keep the phase shift between the channels very low. They have an outstanding dynamic range of 140 dB and offer highest accuracy also for AC. The TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI module are the best solution for analysis of dynamic signals like material or impact tests.


The TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI-series modules have a voltage and current controlled sensor excitation suitable for nearly every type of sensor. Additionally, they have enough power to also supply high demand sensors with high accuracy:
• 0 to 24 VDC freely programmable separately for each channel
• 0.1 to 60 mADC freely programmable separately for each channel
There is no power sharing between individual inputs.


The TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI-series modules are either equipped with DSUB or LEMO 0B inputs to measure 4 or 8 channels with a continuous sample rate of up to 5 MS/s at 18-bit resolution and 24-bit resolution for sample rates up to 2 MS/s.


Some measurement tasks require more flexibility, accuracy and speed than others. Mechanical structure analysis, vibration and shock testing are just some examples of tasks where the TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI highspeed modules are indispensable.


As diverse as measurement tasks are, as diverse is the whole range of modules we offer. Maybe the TRION(3)-18xx-MULTI-series does not provide the right mode you need to make your measurement tasks as efficient as possible. Don’t worry and explore our other available modules and channel expansions!
Or contact us directly to receive more information about our modules!

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