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What is Modbus and how does it work?

29/01/2021 | Knowledge, Hardware

Did you ever ask yourself what Modbus or the Modbus protocol is? In today’s blogpost we would like to bring light into the dark. In the following text, we will explain the functionality of this protocol to you.

What is Modbus?

Firstly, the name Modbus does not describe any hardware or software feature and is also not really a product. It is a communication protocol, developed by Modicon systems in 1979. You can use the protocol to transmit information between two or more devices via serial lines.

As Modbus is an open protocol, it is a very commonly used protocol in several different industries. Open protocol means that manufacturers can build it in their products without the necessity to pay license fees.

How does it work?

When using the Modbus protocol, there is one device requesting the information. This device is called the Modbus Master. Up to 247 devices can be serially connected to the master to supply information. Those are the Modbus Slaves. Each slave has an individual address from 1 to 247. Additionally, the master can also supply data to the slaves. As already mentioned, data transmission happens via serial lines.

Modbus in OXYGEN

We also took advantage of the open protocol and integrated Modbus into our measurement software.

With OXYGEN 5.4 it is also possible to read and store data from MODBUS TCP clients. Using the MODBUS TCP plugin allows you to read and analyze data from the device under test (DUT). By doing that, you can determine the internal state compared to the measured values.

Furthermore, the MODBUS TCP plugin in OXYGEN is a useful feature when working with solar inverters, power converters or energy monitors. It simply turns OXYGEN into a powerful monitoring software for Modbus.

If you work with solar inverters, power converters or energy monitors, the latest version of our measurement software can simplify your daily tasks. Learn more about the MODBUS TCP plugin and get an overview about all available OXYGEN features on our website.

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