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Flexible, portable, powerful All-in-One System: DEWE3-A4

15/01/2021 | Hardware

Imagine you need a measurement system for mobile applications that is easy to configure and can process fast data analyses. Maybe you also want to have a quick look into your data shortly after recording. Our systems of the All-in-One series are compact, powerful and come along with a built-in display that allows you to analyze your data directly on the measurement system. Today we would like to introduce the most powerful system of our All-in-One series to you – the DEWE3-A4.

Advantages of a DEWE3-A4

The DEWE3-A4 is the newest and fastest All-in-One device. It is compatible with our multifunctional highspeed modules of the TRION3 series. The TRION3-18xx-MULTI series is the best product when precision, speed and dynamic are needed. They continuously offer a sample rate of up to 5 MS/s at 18 bit. Mechanical structure analysis, vibration and shock testing are just some of many measurement tasks where the TRION3 series modules are indispensable.

Although from outside, the DEWE2-A4 and the DEWE3-A4 seem to be alike, the new DEWE3-A4 is even more powerful inside. In addition to the compatibility with the TRION3 highspeed modules, it provides a gap free storing rate of 400 MB/s. With a storing rate of 400 MB/s, data of all up to 32 analog channels can be saved with a sample rate of 5MS/s per channel. Our R&D engineers just upgraded the screen of the DEWE3-A4. You can now display your measurement data one a 13’’ full HD wide-screen display.

DEWE3-A4 can be used like a PC

Our DEWE3-A4 looks a bit like a “normal” computer. This is not only a visual effect – the usage is also as easy and intuitive as on a PC. The new, advanced and more sensitive touchpad makes navigation even easier for you. Besides working with an external AC power supply, the DEWE3-A4 has an optional internal buffer battery that lasts for about 5 minutes operation. It keeps your device from shutting down without saving in case the power supply breaks. As second option, an external battery pack with three battery slots is available. This gives you the opportunity to extend your operation time without AC power supply to up to two hours.


More flexibility for your measurement tasks

When the display of the DEWE3-A4 is closed, it is a compatible, rugged box. The integrated handle makes it easy to carry it. This makes the DEWE3-A4 the perfect measurement system for mobile applications like in the automotive or aerospace & defense sector.

Without modules and batteries, it weighs 5.9 kg which is compact for whatever measurement task you are planning to do. The dimensions of 318 x 253 x 128 mm make it easy to place the DEWE3-A4 on a car seat for conducting mobile measurements. Those dimensions and weight also allow you to take the DEWE3-A4 as hand luggage on a flight.

The TRION3-18xx-MULTI series modules provide more than ten measurement modes for almost every sensor and application. Choose between bridge, voltage, current, IEPE, resistance, potentiometer, temperature, counter and CAN inputs. They are also compatible with our MSIs for charge, thermocouple and LVDT input. As all DEWETRON systems, the DEWE3-A4 comes along with our data acquisition software OXYGEN. It is the most user friendly and intuitive measurement software and will help you to get quick and reliable results.

Do you think that the DEWE3-A4 could be the right measurement system for you or do you have any further questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us!
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