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Dynamic Power Analysis – The New Era of Power Analyzer

04/12/2020 | Hardware, Whitepaper, Knowledge
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For many years, the power measurement and analysis of AC voltage and current was considered a stationary discipline. However, this time is over now. Therefore, DEWETRON proudly introduces the dynamic power analysis – with the new era of power analyzers.


What is dynamic power analysis?

Over the years, the power analysis sector substantially changed. The underlying reasons for these changes are factors such as the application of frequency-variable drives or the recognition of electric drive technology for automobiles. Furthermore, also the behavior during measurement tasks altered. While conventional power analyzers find use in stationary applications, they prove unsuitable for today’s dynamic use. To take into account that many DUTs barely have one particular stationary operating point over a long period of time, measurement devices needed to adapt. As a response to this necessity to collect and verify dynamic characteristics of the drives, DEWETRON developed the dynamic power analysis approach.

Power analyzer for dynamic power analysis

Figure 1: Power Analyzer DEWE2-PA7 (left) and DEWE3-PA8 (right)

You are curious about DEWETRON’s approach for dynamic power analysis? Then keep on reading and download the whitepaper we prepared for you below.

Download the new whitepaper


The advantages

Conventional power analyzers often need a complex and time-consuming configuration, offer only fixed calculation window size and lack the ability to capture waveform data. You can avoid all these downsides by choosing DEWETRON as your reliable partner for dynamic power analysis. DEWETRON’s approach allows you to capture each sample while you can test and evaluate electric powertrains under realistic conditions. DEWETRON’s power analyzer provides a user-intuitive interface, waveform recording and high-dynamic-range (HDR) functionality for the analysis of electrical and mechanical power parameters – all in one single device.

So, if you want to find out more, download the whitepaper below.


Power Analyzer DEWE3-PA8

Figure 2: Power Analyzer DEWE3-PA8


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