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OXYGEN’s Sound Level Option

09/10/2020 | Whitepaper, OXYGEN Software
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There are many factors that influence how loud a sound seems to us. This includes for instance how long the sound lasts as well as the frequency of the sound. Another crucial aspect is the sound pressure or sound energy which we commonly call volume. Hence, to determine and analyze all these parameters, a sound level measurement is essential.

DEWETRON’s product application engineer Rafael Ludwig prepared a whitepaper about sound level measurement. He is an expert in audio engineering and has a lot of experience in acoustics and audio recording. Therefore, he is happy to share his knowledge in our new whitepaper.

The following text gives some insights into the included whitepaper. So keep on reading and download our whitepaper at the end of the page to learn more about sound level measurement. Additionally, you will get an understanding of DEWETRON’s sound level option.

Sound level measurement with OXYGEN

In June 2020, DEWETRON released a new version of its measurement software – OXYGEN 5.2. Starting from this update, a sound level option capable of performing a sound level measurement is available. This option automatically calculates several parameters like:

  • the time dependent frequency weighted and time weighted sound pressure level,
  • or the energy equivalent sound pressure level.

A microphone is a sensor for airborne sound. Therefore, the input signal to perform a sound level measurement with DEWETRON’s option is always the analog signal of a microphone. This whitepaper describes the mathematical calculations behind the values that are automatically provided by OXYGEN’s sound level option. In addition to that, it gives application examples when to use the sound level option.

Download Whitepaper

More about OXYGEN?

OXYGEN is not only capable to perform a sound level measurement. It is a powerful and comprehensive measurement software that facilitates the analysis of your DAQ tasks. Head over to our website to see all the features OXYGEN provides.

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