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PU[REC] – YOUR New Data Recorder

04/09/2020 | Hardware, Knowledge
PU[REC] Data Recorder

The new data recorder – pure recording made in Austria

For more than 30 years, DEWETRON gains market knowledge and customer insights in the test and measurement industry every single day. Thanks to this deep understanding of customers and their needs, DEWETRON is able to design data acquisition systems with perfect alignment to market demands – current and future. The result of this customer orientation is simple as well as pure. Welcome PU[REC] – the pure data recorder by DEWETRON.

Your reliable partner for field tests

The new PU[REC] is your reliable partner for field tests. With a rugged chassis and a portable design, you can use your new data recorder even in rough environments. Simply collect and analyze the data of electrical or mechanical components in various sectors. Especially industries like aerospace & defense, industrial & manufacturing, automotive or power appreciate the new PU[REC]. PU[REC] enables you pure data recording – exactly as you need it. You can find the precise specifications of the data recorder in the next paragraph.

PU[REC] Data Recorder Front

The specs of the data recorder

You can decide whether you need 50 or 200 kS/s as a maximum sample rate for the 16 analog input channels. The analog inputs support +/- 10 V directly. By applying a modular smart interface (MSI) in front of the analog input, you can acquire the signal of nearly any analog sensor. In addition to that, MSI allow you to adjust PU[REC] to your needs – wherever you want. Thanks to this, your data recorder acquires low voltage (+/- 10 V) as well as high voltage (up to 600 V) signals, supports data acquisition from IEPE, charge, LVDT sensors and many others. Furthermore, digital I/O channels and counter are included too. That’s not enough? Simply extend your PU[REC] with a highspeed CAN interface and quasi-static channel expansion modules (max. 10 Hz sample rate) from the EPAD2 series to provide isolated low speed inputs for voltage, current, temperature or resistance (optional).

PU[REC] on a stand

Why you should choose PU[REC]

PU[REC] is not only straightforward and immediately usable but also scalable thanks to the aforementioned expandability. Apart from that, the new PU[REC] convinces with a low weight and a convenient design. Paired with the high resistance against environmental impacts, PU[REC] is the perfect companion for every measurement technician – on planes, trains, cars, wind turbines and any other place you can think of. Especially in field testing, there might be only one single chance to record data. With the gapless and reliable data acquisition of PU[REC], every single recording is a success.

Another benefit: every PU[REC] includes DEWETRON’s measurement software OXYGEN. OXYGEN enables the user to enjoy every measurement task and the following data analysis. Gapless data recording, FFT analysis, visualization, analysis, post-processing and trigger options are just some of the standard features provided by OXYGEN.

Curious about the new DEWETRON product? Visit the PU[REC] website and learn more about the features and specifications.

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