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Calibration Laboratory again proves excellent Performance

18/10/2019 | General, Services
Calibration engineer performing a calibration according to ISO-17025 on DAQ systems from DEWETRON.

The DEWETRON calibration laboratory for data acquisition (DAQ) equipment is now officially accredited. Our accreditation standard is according to ISO/IEC-17025:2017, an extension of the former 17025:2005. In addition to previous features, the scope of our accreditation expanded. We are now allowed to offer accredited calibration service for following physical units: voltage (AC and DC), resistance (DC), current (AC and DC) and temperature simulation. Apart from that, we improved our measurement uncertainties. This means, we are able to provide even more precise outcomes. As a result, DEWETRON ensures the highest accuracy for DAQ equipment. Inherently, the reliabilty of your test and measurement solutions increases as well.

Why is calibration so important?

The calibration is an integral step during the production of all our DEWETRON DAQ products. Before a device leaves our plant, it has to pass an extensive calibration test to guarantee highest precision. However, it is crucial to recalibrate DAQ equipment on a regular basis. Over time, test and measurement systems decrease their accuracy which also decreases the quality of the measurement. Through regular calibrations, we can increase the accuracy of your DAQ results. This means, that you can provide your customers highest quality for their test and measurement results. This is essential for reliable and especially repeatable measurements. We advise our customers to annually recalibrate data acquisition systems to guarantee most accurate results.

DEWETRON services

Due to the accreditation of our laboratory, we can officially offer not only factory but also accredited calibration services. These are according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Therefore, we can provide you the most comfortable service for all your equipment – whether you own DEWETRON products or not. You can calibrate all your systems in just one location with only one contact person. This reduces your administrative effort which helps you to minimize the downtime of your business.

Find more information about our calibration services on our website. Our customer care packages include annual calibrations too. We suggest you to talk to our experienced sales team for the available options and for further details.

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