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The POWER ANALYZER that redefines Power Analysis

08/03/2017 | Hardware, OXYGEN Software
DEWETRON's mixed signal power analyzer with multi-touch display showing the performance of a power analysis

DEWETRON’s next generation of Power Analyzer

A DEWETRON system is a mixed-signal power analyzer for distributed power analysis. It furthermore provides reliable and gapless data acquisition for any other analog or digital signal.

Inspired by our Customer’s

Inspired by customer needs, our research and development department accomplished a huge challenge. We developed the next generation of high-performance power analyzers which can be easiliy adjusted to the wishes of our customers. In addition to that, we can even announce more good news! On top of DEWETRON’s cutting-edge data acquisition hardware, we decided to expand our portfolio. DEWETRON is now not only the producer of highly reliable and precise test and measurement hardware, but also of the most intuitive and easy-to-use software on the market. This means that DEWETRON is now a provider for complete data acquisition solutions. In other words, we enlarged the value we can provide to our customers. By exploiting our know-how of the sector, we created OXYGEN – the lastest test and measurement application software.

OXYGEN – the Software that changed the Industry

The new OXYGEN Measurement Software ensures gapless, reliable and synchronous data acquisition even from various different data sources. You can see the data of your measurements live while you can store it simultanously. What makes OXYGEN so user-friendly is that you get two options to navigate through your data. For those who want their data acquisition to be similar to a PC, an operation via keyboard and mouse is possible. However, the software also enables operation via multi-touch display. As a result, features like drag’n’drop or zoom are enabled.

For those who cannot get enough, we even have more! Our additional power option. Here is what changes for you:

  • Analyze power systems with 1 to 9 phases (1P2W, 2V2A, 3P3W, 3P4W, 6P6W, …)
  • Summarize several power systems tino power groups
  • Calculate cycle-by-cycle and gapless without blind spots
  • Detect unique fundamental frequency with delay compensation for highest reliability and accuracy of the results
  • Use the basic features: voltage, current RMS, AVG, fundamental and symmetrical components, active/reactive/apparent power total and fundamental as well as energy
  • Work with the advanced features: flicker (IEC 61000-4-15), flicker emission (IEC 61400-21), harmonics (IEC 61000-4-7) and mechanical power/efficiency
  • Benefit from the expert features: FGW-TG3 (TR3) requirements meet rolling calculation

Furthermore, OXYGEN minimizes your configuration effort because of the intelligent channel assignment.

Hardware for highest Performance – apart from Power Analyzers

DEWETRON offers customers exactly what they need. Therefore, we offer different hardware types, tailored to various usage occasions and industry requirements. DEWETRON customizes all-in-one hardware with built-in displays, mainframes as well as more compact front-end measurement systems. You can equip our hardware with up to 18 slots for analog as well as digital signals. The variety of our TRION amplifier modules as well as our dedicated TRION power modules provide up to 8 channels. Hence, you can turn any DEWETRON system into a mixed-signal power analyzer. To keep it short, you will enjoy simultanous sampling with up to 10 MS/s for each channel and a bandwidth of up to 5 MHz. Use our power analyzer for the testing and analysis of motors, batteries, chargers, drive-trains, converters, renewables and entire electric vehicles either on test bed or during real-time drive applications.

Synchronization and intelligent Interfaces

Do you want to collect data accross long distances and under the rough conditions of industrial settings? We provide a solution for that as well! Synchronize your DEWETRON systems and record data from locations distributed accross several hundreds of meters. Our customers use it even for complex applications like real-time drive tests of high speed trains and cars. Make use of intelligent interfaces, protocols like XCP and multiple export and file formats. Thereby you will effortlessly integrate DEWETRON systems into autonomous systems.

Experience the measurable difference now and contact us. If you never want to miss any exciting news, follow us on LinkedIn.



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