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Distributed High Channel Wind Tunnel Measurement System

What is the customer’s measurement task?

Our customer is an operator of wind tunnels of various types. Therefore, our customer’s equipment has to withstand extreme environmental influences. This includes, for example, temperatures from -163° C to +40° C, pressures from 1.15 bar to 4.5 bar as well as Mach numbers from 0.15 to 1.35. The challenge in this project is that all occurring, distributed signals – from both the DUT and the wind tunnel – must be synchronously recorded and stored. This is the only way the customer can ensure efficient data processing harmonized with internal processes.






Which configuration provided the right system?

For the ideal setup, we supplied the customer with four different chassis types. These include three rack-mount systems, these being a DEWE3-RM16, a DEWE3-RM8, and a DEWE3-RM4, as well as an all-in-one system in the form of a DEWE3-A4. All devices are equipped with a 10 GB LAN (UPG-OPT-RMxx-10GB-FO-LAN) to ensure fast data exchange. In addition, the measuring systems were equipped with a total of 20 exchangeable TRION3-1820-MULTI-8 modules, each of which provides the customer with eight channels with a sampling rate of 2 MS/s and a resolution of 24-bit. In addition to the standard license, the customer uses the following additional software options for each device:

  • OXY-OPT-NET to easily create a large virtual system with multiple nodes to configure and control all systems from one master device – works with absolute time synchronization as well as with the TRION SYNC BUS, DEWETRIN’s internal time base
  • OXY-OPT-DATASTREAM for streaming the recorded data via TCP/IP with easy configuration via SCPI interface for full remote control
  • OXY-OPT-ETHERNET-REC for decoding UDP packets in OXYGEN channels (OXYGEN supports one to several receiver instances)

We are very proud that we have already implemented this project with the configuration described above twice with this customer.


Which signals/physical units does the customer want to measure?

The customer measures all signals that can occur either at the wind tunnel or at the DUT itself. These include, for example, voltage, current signals from 4 to 20 mA, bridges (DMS), vibrations (IEPE), and pressures from Kulite pressure sensors. In addition, there are already digitized signals that OXYGEN receives and decodes in the form of UDP packets.


Why was OXYGEN the right choice? Does the customer use additional software options?

OXYGEN is the perfect solution for our customer, as it covers all requirements easily and quickly. For example, all signals can be acquired and scaled in an uncomplicated way. In addition, the software offers simple expansion options such as the networking of several DEWETRON systems with each other via OXYGEN-NET, OXY-OPT-DATASTREAM as a high-performance interface for data transmission to a higher-level controller, and our option for decoding UDP packets, OXY-OPT-ETHERNET-REC.


How does further data processing look like?

Our customer has created a very individual routine for the analysis of data. Programming languages such as Fortran are used for this purpose. With the help of the DMD reader, our customer imports measurement data quickly and easily into the custom script. In this way, the acquired data is also available in customized analysis tools, such as the one used by the customer.


Where does the customer want to use the system?

The three rack-mount systems (DEWE3-RM16, DEWE3-RM8, DEWE3-RM4) are permanently installed in the wind tunnels, while the DEWE3-A4 serves as a mobile measuring device. On the one hand, the customer uses the mobile measuring device for measurements in a laboratory, on the other hand, it allows a flexible channel extension at the wind tunnels. Thus, the system offers exactly the flexibility needed for the customer’s application.


How does the customer want to access the system?

The customer operates the systems directly. The display port interface and the 4K graphics card make it possible to display a large amount of data on screens in high resolution.


Which sampling rate does the customer need?

The customer uses a moderate sampling rate of 100 kS/s per channel.


What about the bandwidth?

The bandwidth is adjusted to the needs of the current measurement to an accuracy of 1 Hz thanks to perfect digital filters.


Does the application require sensor power supply?

In this project, the supply of the sensors was an essential issue. Thus, the customer can set the sensor supply to either a range of 0 V to 24 V or -12 V to +12 V. In addition to the sensor supply, checking the supply plays a central role. With the help of an ExcVoltMonitor, the customer can detect errors in the long sensor cables that precede the measurement.


How long does the measurement take?

The measurements can last from a few seconds to several hours. This depends on the application that the customer is currently testing. Thanks to the installed and very fast 2 TB SSDs, even long, fast measurements are no problem.


Why did the customer choose DEWETRON equipment over other products?

The heart of the delivered systems is the TRION3-1820-MULTI-8 module. It enables the acquisition of all required signals with only one measuring module. This makes the system particularly flexible and thus guarantees high investment security. The customer was also impressed by the flexibility with regard to the chassis, which can be used both as individual measuring devices and as one large measuring device via the OXYGEN-NET functionality. It was important to the customer that the synchronicity of the data is guaranteed at all times.

Furthermore, we were able to perfectly implement two requirements of the customer together with our internal development team.

  • The ExcVoltMonitor feature allows the customer to check whether the set supply voltage really arrives at the sensor. Especially with long test cables, this function can be essential for many applications, which is why ExcVoltMonitor is now available for everyone with a TRION-2402-MULTI or TRION(3)-18×0-MULTI module.
  • The CalReference feature allows external calibration signals to be applied to the system to quickly check the gauges before each test. This feature is now also available to everyone.



Meet our expert to talk about this application

Sven Deckert – Senior Sales Manager at DEWETRON – guided the customer through the entire project with advice and assistance. He is very passionate about challenges in the mobility sector no matter whether four, two, or – like for this application – even no tires. Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn.

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: +49 7181 2698111

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