The Measurable difference.

High-speed recording

High-speed data logger for fast recording applications

DEWETRON high-speed recording covers sampling rates from 200 kS/s up to 10 MS/s.

Stream recording or transient recording

We distinguish between stream recording and transient recording.

DEWETRON stream machines are able to record continuously (gap free) up to 1 GB/s to the internal SSD. Storage capacity up to several TB.

DEWETRON transient recorders can support sampling rates up to 10 MS/s. Storage capacity up to 4 GS/channel.

Your benefits

  • Isolated conditioned input (strain, voltage, current) @ 5 MHz bandwidth
  • Scalable and expandable from 4 to 128 channels
  • Portable and stationary systems
  • Online data view during recording
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