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Testbed power analysis

Testbed power analysis with multi signal power analyzer

The electrification of cars and other vehicles rises the complexity of power trains, electrical engines and control units. This increases the need for highly accurate, synchronized measurement solutions for R&D and test.


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Multi signal power analyzer for testbed applications

DEWETRON is your competent partner for fully integrated MULTI SIGNAL POWER ANALYZERS for high voltage, battery, automotive and electrical powertrain testbed applications.

  • HEV and EV, train, truck testing
  • Electric powertrain testing
  • Battery testing
  • Testing electrical control units and other electrical systems

Your benefits

  • Synchronous acquisition of voltages, currents, temperatures and other analog signals
  • Online calculation and analysis of several multi-phase (1, 2, 3, …,7, or more) power groups DC/AC
  • Synchronous acquisition of CAN, FlexRay and LIN communication
  • Acquisition of mechanical parameters like torque and rotation speed
  • Fully integration into testbeds and testbed environments
  • Supporting standards for measurement and calibrations systems (MC systems)
  • Parallel data stream of several measurement systems
  • Decentralized and distributed synchronized power analysis
  • Synchronization of several measurement systems

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