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Functional Safety

Functional Safety Testing according to ISO 26262

With the introduction of the ISO 26262, safety critical systems like ESP or EPS have to be tested for their functional safety in the event of a system- or sensor malfunction. For example, if the steering wheel sensor suddenly delivers faulty data.


Functional Safety data sheet

Best possible accuracy

Together with the leading European car manufacturers DEWETRON has developed a unique measurement system for functional safety testing. DEWETRON systems can measure the deviation from the original trajectory and the change in yaw rate to measure the directional stability and the controllability of a vehicle in such critical situations.

XCP/CCP and FlexRay support

The DEWE2 systems also support the XCP protocol which allows you to record the ECU internal status during your tests and measurements. The upcoming FlexRay bus is supported.


  • Tight integration of IMUs for precise measurement of GPS position, accelerations and angles
  • Interfacing with ECUs via XCP or CCP
  • Synchronous acquisition of vehicle bus data via CAN or FlexRay
  • Online calculation and visualization of vehicle movement and displacement
  • Validation of test parameters during test to ensure reproducible tests
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