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Durability test

Simultaneous Durability testing with high channel count

DEWETRON measurement systems with a high channel count are perfect for durability measurements during real test drives or on testbeds – for a whole vehicle or specific components.

DEWETRON systems offer a rugged and portable design for in-vehicle use and fulfill the requirement for high channel counts.


Durability Testing datasheet (Road Load Data)

Acquisition of hundreds of channels

Durability or road load data tests are typically high-channel count measurements that require scalable hardware in combination with powerful software features to process the configuration, monitoring, and acquisition of hundreds of channels simultaneously.

As the data acquired during real test drives is often replayed on test-beds to simulate material fatigue during the vehicle life-cycle, the analog output of the conditioned sensor signals is essential.


  • Tight integration of IMUs for precise measurement of GPS position, accelerations and angles
  • Interface to Kistler® wheel force transducers (RoaDyn®)
  • Synchronous acquisition of vehicle bus data via CAN or CAN-FD
  • Connectivity to test rig with the output of conditioned sensor signals
  • TEDS support and sensor data base
  • Offline setup
  • Online plausibility monitoring (overload indicators, simultaneous sensor balancing, amplifier-zero, and shunt calibration check)
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