Combustion analysis

Combustion Analysis and Combustion Testing systems incl. e-engines

In the past combustion was an almost isolated topic, today the combination of combustion and e-engine requires complex control systems. It also demands new functionalities for the combustion analyzer.


Combustion Analysis data sheet


Combustion engines and e-power measurement

E-mobility is gaining momentum but combustion engines and the development of those engines will continue for many more years to come.

E-power measurement and sampling rates in the MS/s area for injection timing are only a few examples.


More than combustion analyzing

In addition to combustion analysis, the system can be used for other measurement applications as well. Rotational or torsional vibration, order tracking, power analysis, simple recorder… are only some examples of the multi-purpose capabilities of the instrument. So in case combustion is not needed, it can help on various other measurement tasks.


  • In-vehicle and testbed
  • Time and angle based measurement
  • Transient recorder (injection timing)
  • E-power measurement
  • Expandable 8 – 48 channels
  • Static measurement channels such as temperature and voltage



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