Brake test

Multifunctional brake test equipment

Brake testing is a wide field with different requirements.  The DEWETRON Brake Test system covers all kind of braking tests and ABS tests – due to its flexibility it also covers test vehicles using regenerative braking. Online checks for validation, visualized online results including post-processing and reporting make the DEWETRON Brake Test system a complete all-in-one solution.

One system for different tests

The multifunctional systems from DEWETRON address all manner of braking tests and ABS tests including regenerative braking systems. The system is based on a 100 Hz GPS receiver which is very simple and easy to set up and is not sensitive to road surface conditions.

It is also possible to perform tire tests, acceleration tests, odometer calibration, etc. in a very efficient way with the same measurement equipment.


  • Integrated 100 Hz GPS receiver
  • Quick and easy test setup
  • Automated workflow
  • Automated report generation
  • Synchronized data acquisition of GPS, analog input, CAN, counter and video data
  • Multisensor input (voltage, strain, bridge, …)
  • Export to different file formats
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