Improve your application know-how at the DEWETRON Academy

Need to use the full performance potential of your equipment? Need to easily and effectively create your own test setups, then attend a seminar at the DEWETRON Academy. Profit from a training on-site or use an interactive webinar.


We offer single or multi-day events at the DEWETRON ACADEMY and teach practical applications of our measurement systems using the most current measurement theory.

Training is designed to deepen and broaden application know-how through the hands-on instruction of different measurement applications.

Your benefits:

  • Learn the performance potential of DEWETRON systems
  • Improved application know-how
  • Hands-on instructions

What does the academy curriculum include?

The seminars cover various application areas for engineers with different levels of knowledge – from “newbie” to “expert”.

  • Basic metrological instruction about sensors, filters, sampling, and report generation, etc.
  • Measurement software and data analysis instructions
  • Application-specific topics such as FFT measurement, rotary and torsional oscillation, filter, counting procedures, performance measurement, positioning, and video data acquisition, etc.

Training on-site

The DEWETRON Academy also offers on-site training on your DEWETRON system, in your test environment. The training is done on your system or DEWETRON can provide a system for on-site training if needed.

Your benefits:

  • Focused on your specific measurement system
  • No travel time for you
  • Application specific training topics


Interactive webinars are available on a variety of topics ranging from the identification of sensor and signal types via scanning and filter options through to automatic report generation with measurement software.

Your benefits:

  • No travel costs
  • No travel time – Join the webinar from your workplace
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