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PXI Express Chassis and Bus Technology

PXI Express Chassis

Just the Basics

Have you ever noticed that nothing stays the same for very long anymore? Even cutting edge technology is replaced by faster, better cutting edge technology.

Take the PXI Express Chassis for example. Back in 1992 the CompactPCI chassis with PCI bus – the path between components in a computer that define the power and speed – was as high tech as it comes. It was the most” horsepower and best transmission” you could get. But then it wasn’t.  In a word, industry demanded higher channel count, faster data throughput, faster test, measurement and data acquisition.

Enter the PXI Express chassis, PXIe backplane and the PXI Express Bus. – all the benefits of the commercial PCI bus but better, faster.

The PXI Express chassis holds together a PXI test system. From mechanical card holders to the better than best power supply and required air cooling – all standardized to mechanically accept PXI cards and allow them to operation to full potential without damaging the chassis.

In the final analysis, what is full potential?

  • Band width from 132MB/s to 8 GB/s
  • Software and Hardware compatibility legacy modules (within capability)
  • Improved synchronization that delivers great levels of accuracy (in certain measurements)
  • The greatest benefit? Widespread acceptance. PXI busses are the accepted standard for data acquisition and automatic testing applications requiring greater levels of data transfer and higher speeds .

DEWETRON Connection

DEWETRON’s high speed power analyzer is a PXI Express Chassis with an 8 slot PXIe backplane that supports express series signal conditioners, TRIONe.  Up to sixteen power channels of 18 bit A/D conversion

Summing up, PXI Express Bus technology delivers sampling rates up to 10MS/s. Add high speed SSD technology and 1 GB/s of data throughput is possible. Moreover, all delivered with an overall accuracy of 0.04%, even at low range use. That is to say, every sample is recorded, not just a few second here and there.

Power Supply for sensors? No problem. To clarify, our integrated transducer power supply eliminates the need for an additional supply box – just connect the sensors directly to the power analyzer. In fact, even the more demanding zero-flux transducers are powered without any compatibility issues!

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