Combustion Analyzer

Combustion analyzer for in-vehicle and testbed tests

DEWETRON’s measurement system for combustion analysis are suitable for cold start tests, stationary testbed applications or mobile in-vehicle tests.

Key Facts
Combustion Analyzer

  • In-vehicle and testbed application
  • Direct pressure and angle sensor connection
  • Cold start testing
  • CAN input and output, various testbed links
  • Time and angle based measurement

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Combustion Analyzer: DEWE-800-CA, DEWE-2600-CA

Suitable for Cold Start

At cold start tests the combustion analyzer runs and records signals already before the piston makes the first move. So the whole start process will be recorded for further investigation.

Input Signals

  • Indicating & absolute pressure
  • Injection, timing signals
  • TDC sensors
  • Crank angle signals
  • CAN-in, CAN-out
  • XCP via LAN
  • FlexRay, LIN
  • Vibration, strain, temperature
  • Electrical power

Various Inputs

Isolated charge amplifiers, bridge amplifiers with constant current supply feature, are used for high-pressure sensors and for the absolute pressure sensors of inlet and exhaust. Due to the changeable amplifier concept of the instrument, almost any signal like torque, current, acceleration, temperature, etc. can be measured.

Voltage inputs cover start of injection, end of injection and ignition, and any other additional signal captured in time or angle domain. The isolated voltage and current inputs can be used to calculate electrical power.

Mobile or Test-Bed

DEWETRON internal combustion analyzers are suitable for mobile application, like in-car usages and also for test-bed applications.

The systems support time and angle based measurement.

Crankangle CPU

Included Crankangle CPU, is able to handle all kinds of crank marker disc signals which provides CDM- and TRIG- signal. In case more angle resolution is required, Crankangle CPU will do the interpolation up to 0,1 deg.

Pickup sensors, for the native CDM signals, like 60-2, can be directly connected. The isolated input can handle voltages from 0,5 V up to 60V. Crankangle CPU will do gap filling and interpolation.

Testbed Interface

Testbed interface, via RS232 or TCP/IP is provided to link the analyzer to a testbed for automated measurements. An open AK-protocol, or native interfaces for AVL PUMA Open, DT2, .. is supported.

In addition, calculated results can be also transferred via CAN-out. Results can be recorded from mapping tools to get immediate feedback.

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