Turnkey Systems

Cost optimized turnkey systems have preconfigurations for special DAQ applications


With our turnkey DAQ systems we offer you predefined measurement solutions that are configured for special applications like power analyzer, FFT analyzer, combustion analyzer and high-speed recorder like transient recorder. The turnkey systems are easy to configure, cost optimized and ship faster than fully flexible measurement systems.

Power Analyzer

Our Mixed Signal Power Analyzer DEWE2-PA7 is perfect for polyphase measurements up to 12 power channels, high performance power analysis and gapless recording of any signal.


Current Voltage Temperature Logger

The CVT Logger is the perfect touchoperable USB data logger for quasi-static current, voltage and thermocouple inputs with rates up to 12 Hz.


FFT Analyzer

With our FFT Analyzer your are able to calculate the averaged, reference, multi-channel and real-time FFT, etc. and export the array channels to most common file formats.


Transient Recorder

With the transient recorders you can capture data into the onboard memory caused by high sampling rates up to 200 MS/s per channel and high channel count.


Stream Machine

Using our stream machines and the high-speed amplifiers, you can capture more than 18 GB/minute with continuous storing rate up to 305 MB/s.

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