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High-speed Power Modules

High-speed TRION™/TRION3™ Power Modules

High-speed power modules of the TRION™/TRION3™ series for 4-phase power analysis. These user-exchangeable signal conditioning modules provide analog-digital conversion on each channel.



Key facts

  • Simultaneous sampling for all analog inputs
  • Separate ADC on each channel up to 10 MS/s
  • High resolution up to 18-bit, with anti-aliasing filters
  • High voltage and current inputs

2 power module types

There are two types of power modules available:

The TRION-1820-POWER-4 power module can be used in every DEWETRON instrument of the DEWE2 and DEWE3 series.

While the TRION3-1810M-POWER-4 power module for the highest performance is only compatible with our new DEWE3 series instruments.


Simultaneous sampling in perfect synchronization

The high-speed power modules combine the power of simultaneous sampling and 18-bit ADC technology with advanced DEWETRON signal conditioning – plug one power module right into your DEWETRON instrument.

TRION™/TRION3™ modules provide the TIMING BACKBONE for recording many different data sources in perfect sync with each other.


power modules

Choose your power module, plug them into your DEWE2/DEWE3 instrument, turn the system on and get to work!

All power modules are automatically identified and configured within the software as soon as it is launched.

Name Channels Sampling [kS/s] / [bit] Sensor supply Voltage input range Current Others
4 U + 4 I 10000 / 18 +9 V 1000 VRMS
4 U + 4 I 2000 / 18 +9 V 1000 VRMS Exchangeable current modules (20A, 2A, 0.2A, 5V)
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