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Signal Conditioning

High-precision signal conditioning

DEWETRON offers a wide range of analog, isolated signal conditioning amplifiers. They are suitable for a wide variety of sensors, including strain gauges, accelerometers, force sensors, pressure, load and flow sensors, thermocouples, as well as voltages and currents, etc.

All TRION(3) Modules

The user exchangeable, multichannel TRION3 and TRION modules provide analog-digital conversion on each channel.

Power Modules

Highspeed power modules of the TRION or TRION3 series for 4-phase power analysis are user-exchangeable and provide analog-digital conversion on each channel.

Multifunctional Modules

Enjoy the full flexibility of DEWETRON multifunctional highspeed modules to maximize channel density, practicability and speed.

Modular Smart Interfaces (MSI/MSI2)

Modular Smart Interfaces expand the measurement functionality of TRIONx-MULTI modules and the TRION sensor connection box.


CAN & RS485 Modules (CPAD, EPAD)

External, multichannel modules combine analog signal conditioning and A/D converter in an extreme rugged box – CAN or RS485 interface.


Isolated Amplifiers (DAQP Series)

Isolated, single-channel amplifiers with simultaneous sampling – from quasi-static up to 300 kHz bandwidth.

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