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Transient Recorder

High-speed, multichannel Transient Recorder with 200 MB/s

DEWETRON’s multichannel transient recorders are customizable and capture data with high sampling rates up to 200 MS/s.

Key Facts

  • Isolated signal conditioning up to 2 MHz bandwidth
  • Sampling rates up to 200 MS/s per channel
  • High channel count, up to 64 channels per system
  • Various trigger functions – analog, time, digital
  • Huge acquisition memory up to 2 GS per card
  • Memory segmentation with fast rearm

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Transient recorder for very high sampling rates up to 200 MS/s with DEWE-800-TR, DEWE-5000-TR

Scope Mode

Transient recorders capture data into the onboard memory of the digitizer card (AD board), caused by high sampling rates (>10 MS/s) and high channel count. After the event, data is transferred and stored on the computer. There it can be further analyzed. In case the sampling rate is lower, it can be also used like a standard instrument for continuously storing.

Extended Functionality

The so-called “STS-mode” extends the functionality of the transient recorder:

  • S (standard) :
    Continuous storing at slow rate
  • T (transient):
    Storing at fast rate at trigger event
  • S (standard):
    Continuous storing at slow rate

Available Models


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