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Power Quality Analyzers

Power Quality Analyzers for mobile and stationary DAQ

The modular product concept allows simple customization of the Power Quality Analyzers. Define your individual measurement system for power quality analyzing.

Key Facts
Power Quality Analyzers

  • Mobile and stationary up to 128 channels
  • Flexible reporting and standard reports
  • Variable inputs
  • Interconnected distributed devices

Flexible Reporting

DEWETRON Power Quality Analyzer are suitable for measurements according to EN50160, IEC61400-12/21, IEC61000-3-x or IEC50001. Popular export formats and interfaces for third party tools guarantee a flexible and customizable reporting. File base storing, database storing and reliable data transmission via any TCP/IP connection (LAN or cellular) are also benefits for DEWETRON’s Power Quality Analyzer.

Input & Output

  • Isolated high voltage inputs
  • Isolated current inputs
  • Internal current transducer supply and TEDS support
  • Higher frequencies, flicker, symmetrical components, …
  • SCADA (IEC60870-5-104)
  • CAN interface for auxiliary inputs
  • Temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc.
  • Analog output

Modular & Dedicated

DEWETRON’s modular product concept allows changing amplifier easily and configuring your customized Power Quality Analyzer. Up to 16 isolated inputs in one instrument and high speed ORION data acquisition with sample rates up to 10 MS/s/ch guarantees synchronous, precise and high accuracy power analysis. For simple and basic long term logging we also provide dedicated Linux based instruments. DEWETRON systems can be extended and interconnected and help you to get your job done.

Mobile & Stationary

Mobile and fixed installed DEWETRON Power Quality Analyzer for your analysis of wind, photovoltaic and other renewables power plants with up to 128 channels per system.

Different chassis and system configurations allows to setup your individual system solutions for power quality analysis, long term recording and reporting.


Available Modles


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