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Power Analyzer

Power Analyzer for real drive and testbed applications

Our Power Analyzer is your turnkey solution for analyzing electric vehicles and engines behaviour with only one instrument. Using the power option in the measurement software OXYGEN, you even have a mixed signal power analyzer.


Key Facts
Power Analyzers

  • Real drive and testbed application
  • Multiple power analyzer in one instrument
  • Ultra flexible channel configuration
  • Wide range of fundamental frequency
  • CAN interface for automotive and test bench link
  • Internal current transducer supply and TEDS support
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Input and Output Signals

  • Isolated high voltage & current inputs
  • Internal power supply for current transducer and TEDS support
  • Basic and advanced power parameters
  • High performance auxiliary inputs
    (e.g. torque, speed, vibration)
  • CAN interface with input and output function
  • XCP via LAN
  • High number of mid speed inputs for low dynamic signals (e.g. temperature)
  • GPS synchronisation and positioning
  • Analog output

Multiple Power Groups

Flexible configuration of multiple power groups within one DEWETRON Power Analyzer. Each power group is independent from each other to make measurements in multi-phase power systems in combination with DC links.

In addition, special electrical engines with up to 7 phases can be analyzed. The high accuracy of the analog signal processing continues with the precise calculation of all the power parameters.

Real Drive and Test Bench

The battery option of the DEWETRON Power Analyzer enables new possibilities for real drive test and test bench applications as well. With additional accessories like GPS receiver, motion and vibration sensors, you have a turnkey solution for analyzing electric vehicles and engines behaviour with only one instrument.

Test bench interface via RS232 or TCP/IP is provided to link the power analyzer to a testbed for automated measurements. The open AK-protocol or native interfaces for AVL PUMA Open and DT2 are supported. In addition, all processed data can be provided via CAN.

Results can be recorded from mapping tools to get immediate feedback.

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