Power Analyzer DEWE2e-PA8 with PXI Express Bus Technology

Precision Multi Power Analyzer for Polyphase Measurements

  • The DEWE2e-PA8 Mixed Signal & Multi Power Analyzer is the solution for high performance power analysis.
  • Gaplessly record any signal with only ONE instrument.
  • PXI Express Bus Technology ensures high speed throughput.
  • Overall Power Accuracy 0.04 % guaranteed.

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DEWE2e-PA8 Key Facts

  • Multi power, up to 16 power channels
  • Polyphase, 1 to 9 phases per power system
  • 10 MS/s, 18-bit ADC
  • PXI Express Bus Technology
  • Lowest influence of Power Factor: 1% @ PF = 0.01
  • Measurement range 1000 V / 20 A (crest factor 2)
  • 11.6″ multi-touch screen
  • Mixed signal inputs (low voltage, digital, RPM, …)
  • Continuous waveform recording
  • Integrated redundant power supply for 8 CT’s


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Multi Power Analyzer
in one System

Icon for 1 to 9 Phase Systems    icon for 6P6W  Icon for 3P4W  icon for 3P3W

A DEWETRON DEWE2e-PA8 Power Analyzer is the solution for the simultaneous analysis of several motors, converters or complete drive trains. What’s more, up to 16 power channels and the capability to calculate power parameters, for example,  polyphase motors (from 1 to 9 phases), turn the DEWE2e-PA8 into a multi power analyzer.

Mixed Signal Recorder

Icon gapless recording  Icon for 1 TB Storage Capacity

Waveform data, mixed signal and power analysis? A DEWE2e-PA8 Power Analyzer does it all. Reliable, gapless recording of any analog or digital signal. At the same time, high performance power calculation of several power groups simultaneously. And significantly, up to 10 MS/s/ch and high dynamic range guarantees data integrity.

Test Bed integration

Icon for Gigabit Ethernet  Icon for USB 3.0  icon for ASAM and MDF4 protocol

Smart interface technology makes it easy to integrate a DEWE2e-PA8 Power Analyzer into automation systems and test bed environments. While also guaranteeing reliable data transmission, easy to use remote control and remote configuration through TCP/IP based protocols. These protocols are in compliance with standardized protocols (e.g. ASAM) and file formats.

Predefined Measurement Displays

Predefined measurement displays like vector scope

Dedicated measurement displays with classic design provide critical data values at a glance. In addition, predefined measurement displays for each user defined group of power channels present an overview table, vector scope and harmonic chart.  What is more, different styling presets and data presentation tools are available to tailor the display to your exclusive needs.

Compliance to Industry Standards

Compliance to industry standards like IEC 61000-4-7

Analysis of harmonics, interharmonics and higher frequencies as well as voltage fluctuations and flicker emissions are done according to industry standard.

  • IEC 61000-4-7
  • IEC 61000-4-15
  • IEC 61400-21

High Resolution & Multi-touch Display

high resolution screen of power group with multi-touch operation

The 11.6” high resolution display is very bright for maximum readability and ample space for user defined screens. Also the few necessary settings are easily accessed with just a few swipes on the multi-touch display.
Accessible and orderly arrangement of signal inputs and power parameters directly on the front. In other words, everything at a glance!

One system for all inputs

  • Modular and Mixed Signal inputs
  • Isolated high voltage & current inputs
  • High performance auxiliary inputs (e.g. torque, speed, vibration)
  • CAN interface with input and output function
  • EtherCAT and XCP, SCPI over Ethernet
  • High number of mid speed inputs for low dynamic signals (e.g. temperature)
  • PTP, GPS, IRIG synchronisation
  • Counter and analog output

High dynamic range

Fast acquisition rates and 18-bit A/D conversion.  As well as the best linearity of the signal conditioning offers the highest dynamic performance in the whole input range. Thanks to the low range error of 0.01 %, the DEWE2e-PA8 Power Analyzer achieves a very high accuracy, even with low range utilization. Of course, precision accuracy is guaranteed throughout the whole analysis.


Active transducer supply

The integrated transducer power supply enables the engineer to relinquish an additional supply box and connect the transducers directly to the DEWE2-PA8. Most of the common sensors with ±15 V or +9 V are compatible, also demanding ones (like zero-flux transducers) can be powered thanks to the superior power supply.

ISO17025 Certified

small logo of "Akkreditierung Austria"All DEWE2e-PA8 systems are optionally supplied with an EN ISO/IEC17025 certification. Calibration and adjustment are done in the accredited calibration lab at the DEWETRON headquarters.

Learn More about accredited calibration

OXYGEN Measurement Software

OXYGEN with Power option seamlessly integrates data being transmitted through multiple, totally synchronized signals into calculations for power analysis.

More about the Power Analysis Software


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