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Highspeed Recorder

Stream Machines with continuous streaming rate of 305 MB/s

With our highspeed Recorder you are able to capture more than 18 Gigabyte per minute with a continuous streaming rate of 305 MB/s.

Key Facts

  • Isolated signal condition with up to 2 MHz bandwidth
  • Continuous storing rate of 305 MB/s
  • Recording length only limited to hard disk size
  • Synchronous video up to 120 fps
  • High channel density and portable

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Stream Machines: DEWE-800-STREAM, DEWE-2600-STREAM

Carefree Data Acquisition

All DEWETRON instruments are able to acquire 5 GB/minute continuously. Our dedicated highspeed recorder can capture more than 18 GB/minute, the recording length is only limited by the hard disc drive. Data is captured directly to an e.g. 1 TByte SSD. Therefore we don’t have to set up any trigger, you simply press the RECORD button and stream the data to disk. So you will not miss any event, caused by an unexpected change of the trigger signal! This is what we call “carefree data acquisition”

High-Speed Amplifiers

All these systems offer either a direct voltage input, or a range of isolated amplifiers, including the HSI module series with HSI-LV (low voltage), HSI-HV (high voltage), HSI-STG (strain gauge), providing an analog bandwidth of up to 2 MHz, to support high-speed applications.

Available Models


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