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Mobile Display with multi-touchscreen

Interface box to attach a DEWE-50-PCI series chassis to a Thunderbolt-3 interface of the host computer

Key Facts

  • Ultra-fast Thunderbolt interface to host PC/laptop
  • Isolated AC power supply
Thunderbolt-3 box is used to connect Front-end or PCI chassis via Thunderbolt interface to your host computer

Connection Examples

DEWE2-F series

With the Thunderbolt-3 box, you can create a  high-speed connection from any DEWE2-F series measurement system to your laptop or PC.

DEWE-50-PCI series

Furthermore, use the Thunderbolt-3 box for a high-speed connection from the DEWE-50-PCI-32 or DEWE-50-PCI-64 chassis to your laptop or PC.

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