• Synchronization of DEWETRON instruments to absolute time
  • No drift when locked to IRIG or GPS signal
  • Very low drift even with IRIG or GPS signal disconnected
  • Input:
    • GPS
    • IRIG time code A or B, AM or DC
  • Output:
    • AD converter clock up to 10 MHz
    • DEWE-ORION DSA-series clock
    • IRIG time code B, DC
  • USB interface for setup, ID and GPS position data

IRIG or GPS synchronized

The DEWE-CLOCK is an IRIG or GPS synchronized clock source for DEWETRON systems. It enables perfectly synchronized measurements using multiple distributed systems, spread over unlimited distances. Additionally the DEWE-CLOCK can also be used as an IRIG time code generator (output IRIG B/DC).

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