Our Strengths

We measure values, we create value

The five DEWETRON strengths form the bedrock of our actions and interaction with both internal and external partners, such as executives, employees, customers, shareholders or the general public.

All synergy is built on this foundation.


We go the extra mile!

We provide solutions, which simply fit the bill:

Our manifold technologies and modular systems allow us to design your measurement system to meet your unique needs enabling you to maintain a competitive edge.


Fast. Flexible. Future-proof.

A DEWETRON measurement system is modular in design, which means that amplifier components can be easily to extended and adapted the system whenever and wherever necessary. Use one system and adapt it to many different tasks in your work environment. This kind of flexibility guarantees sustainability and investment security.


Your measurement challenge is our priority!

DEWETRON is the preferred contact for measurement engineering in several industries. Our strength lies in customizing solutions with the unique DEWETRON technology. More than 25 years of experience, market knowledge as well as continuous research and development have led to the singular DEWETRON expertise.


Partnership at eye level.

The perfect solution for your sophisticated requirements requires a partnership in order to achieve a mutual understanding of technical specifications that ensures the success of our customers’ tests.

Choosing DEWETRON means having a partner by your side who accompanies you every step of your way.


Our customers‘ accomplishments are our best reference.

DEWETRON quality is certified in compliance with ISO9001/ISO14001. More than 25 years of experience, innovation and collaboration have awarded Dewetron the trust and respect of the global market.

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