Our hiring process

Our Hiring Process

As every job and every applicant is different, the same applies to our highly dynamic hiring process. Each and every step of our typical hiring process will be explained in the following. Please note that it may vary due to specific requirements.

1. Application

You are interested in working at DEWETRON? Please send your complete application folder (letter of motivation and CV are obligatory) electronically as soon as possible, don’t forget to refer to the open position. Please send your application preferred in the local language or in English.

2. Review and Selection

Once your application has arrived, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. Please be patient and await being contacted. Since we assess every single application thoroughly, such an intensive process might take some time, however, we promise to answer all those who contacted us electronically.
After reviewing all documents, we’ll put together a shortlist of candidates. We sometimes call applicants first to check the most important facts – if everything looks promising, we’ll invite you to a job interview.

3. Interview

You’ll meet some DEWETRON members during your interview.

These are:

  • HR
  • Your future boss
  • A technical expert (depends on the job)

4. Work Trial

Our top 2 candidates will be invited to a one-day work trial to make sure that our applicants have the right impression of the job. You’ll meet the team, join them for lunch and have a look on how things are done in the department. Come to know our equipment and the way we treat each other at DEWETRON. You can pose all kinds of questions either to our staff or the management team.

5. Our Job Offer, Your Decision

After consulting the team members about their impressions on the candidates we’ll make a decision. Our preferred candidate will receive an offer. Open issues will be discussed and you’ll receive your contract eventually. Just smile, you are now with DEWETRON!

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