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Inside Dewetron


As soon as you enter a DEWETRON company like our headquarters in Grambach/Graz, Austria, you’ll get what we call the DEWETRON-feeling. We are not just people who accidently work at the same company – we see each other as colleagues, partners and friends.


We believe in appreciation and results. Appreciation not only towards our customers but towards each other – each and every colleague. We also believe that a positive and constructive way of communication contributes substantially to our work atmosphere. Additionally, a flat corporate structure allows fast and efficient decision-making.

Ideas let us stay innovative that’s why we love to share them with each other! However, it’s not only ideas that make us successful but also how we deal with concerns and criticism in general. At DEWETRON, we appreciate concerns and criticism and see them as a chance to improve, not only products but also ourselves.


We don’t believe in a hierarchically structured communication path because DEWETRON is a place where everyone talks to everyone.

Our flat corporate structure makes us fast and flexible. Decisions are quickly made, not only because of the flat structures but because we also believe that our employees are capable of making certain decisions themselves.


We are successful because of our employees:

There is a great mixture of young people, long-term employees, new ideas as well as many years of experience. They are all experts in their fields and contribute their great knowledge, and thus, to our success.


In addition to our products we also develop our employees. We make sure that everyone working at DEWETRON can be successful and manage his job-related challenges. That’s why we invest into further education and provide inhouse trainings as well as external seminars or courses. Continuous trainings and education enable our employees to develop both personally and professionally and to take on more responsibility.

Part-time study programs are possible at DEWETRON – we are flexible and working environment is adaptable.


We are a high-tech company. New ideas lead to innovative products that allow innovation themselves – and this is what we want for our customers. However, innovation never grows in an environment where mistakes are forbidden. We know that new ideas require courage to try something new. There’s the risk that things might not work out – that’s O.K. We learn from mistakes. As long as it can be explained what happened and what led to the decision in the first place, we’ll work things out.

Human beings are no machines, mistakes happen and none of us is perfect. We are part of a continuous development process. As anywhere else, the only important thing is that the same mistake happens only once.


Family is nothing that prevents an employee from doing a great job. On the contrary, family and home is where one’s personal batteries are recharged.

That’s why we support our employees in coordinating work and family – we know that both have needs and both need to be satisfied. There is no contradiction in being a great dad or mum and being part of DEWETRON.


DEWETRON is a worldwide acting company. Together with our headquarters in Austria, subsidiaries in China, USA and Germany and our partners all over the globe, there is an exchange of many different cultures. We believe in act global & respect local and are well-aware of the fact that we are only as strong as our sense of unity is. Each and every employee contributes to the high quality we stand for.

United as one – become part of being one, B1!

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