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TRIONet – The universal measuring solution

11/08/2022 | Knowledge, General, Hardware

High-quality measuring devices that are designed for many years of reliable use – this is what DEWETRON stands for. What we also stand for: a modular and flexible design that adapts exactly to your needs. Probably the most flexible measurement hardware we offer are TRIONet systems. Learn more about TRIONet and what makes it so special in this blogpost.

What is TRIONet?

You have a PC and want a measuring system that works perfectly with it? Then, TRIONet is the ideal solution. TRIONet are front-ends which can be connected via USB3 or Gigabit Ethernet to a PC or also to another DEWETRON measuring system (e.g. mainframes). TRIONet is a highspeed channel extension which can be distributed over long distances. The TRIONet nodes may be up to 100 m apart from each other and still work together synchronously.

Distributed TRIONet

Distributed measurement system with TRIONet

Each TRIONet has two slots which you can equip with flexibly exchangeable TRION(3) measurement modules. TRION(3) measurement modules turn your TRIONet into a full-fledged power analyzer, enable GPS localization or provide additional synchronization options. If this is not enough, you can connect several TRIONets to your PC and thus expand your measurement setup individually. The TRIONet systems also have a clever snap-in function, allowing the chassis of individual systems to connect to each other. You can see an example of this in the graphic below.

TRIONet snap-in mechanism

Snap-in mechanism

Measurement solutions with TRIONet

What can you actually do with such a versatile measurement system? You can, for example, carry out tests on electric trains or other transport facilities. TRIONet is an intelligent measuring system for distributed measurements of current, voltage and mechanical as well as acoustic parameters. The individual front ends are mounted at different locations on the train and connected to a PC or a DEWETRON system via Gigabit LAN or USB3.

Now, depending on the TRION(3) module installed, you can measure different quantities such as power, mechanical or environmental parameters. The stackable design even allows you to measure all parameters at the same time at the same location. Synchronization between the measuring devices is also ensured by the integrated synchronization unit.

Once you have collected the data, you can can either store or evaluate it in real time. Our in-house OXYGEN measurement software offers a range of options for this. For instance, you might search for mechanical faults using a CPB analysis, infer the efficiency of the powertrain by plotting apparent, reactive and active power, or perform an NVH analysis to ensure comfort. Of course, you can also use any other measurement software or evaluate data in Python or C++.

TRIONet on a train

TRIONet as distributed system in a train

You can find even more information about TRIONet and its fields of application in our TRIONet brochure, which you can download here:


How to configure TRIONet

This all sounds almost too good to be true; there must be some hitch. Is perhaps the configuration of a TRIONet network particularly difficult? Here too, we can confidently calm you down. TRIONet is very easy to set up and use, see for yourself:

  1. Download and install the TRION package “DEWETRON-TRION-Applications-x.x.exe” available in our download center. This package contains all necessary drivers, APIs and the DEWETRON-Explorer.
  2. Now start the TRIONet and wait until it has booted up. After that you can connect it to the PC via your desired interface (e.g. USB3). Now the TRIONet communicates automatically with the PC which also assigns the TRIONet an IP address. Of course, you can also do a manual configuration.
  3. Then open the DEWETRON Explorer. There you will see your TRIONet and related information. A “connected” symbol should now also appear on the touch display of the TRIONet. TRIONet is now ready for use in OXYGEN or other environments.

As you can see, the configuration of a TRIONet is very simple. However, if you encounter any problems, you may find more detailed information in our corresponding Technical Reference Manual or in our Customer Care Center. You can download the manual here:


More about DEWETRON

DEWETRON is an Austrian-based company specializing in the manufacture of measurement systems, with headquarters in Austria. Whether in aviation, power engineering or automotive applications, we are a reliable partner everywhere.

With us, software and hardware come from the same place. Thus, we guarantee you quality and long-lasting reliability. However, if something does not work, just contact us and we will find a solution together. More about our services, as well as our measurement hardware and OXYGEN measurement software can be found on the DEWETRON website. There you can access whitepapers and video tutorials as well as webinars or further blogposts. You may also follow us on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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