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Meet DEWETRON and the new Mixed Signal Power Analyzer this Fall

19/07/2017 | General
New DEWE2-PA7 Power Analyzer at last Testing Expo

DEWETRON will show the newly launched DEWE2-PA7 Mixed Signal Power Analyzer at several shows this fall. The DEWE2-PA7 enables analysis of polyphase EVs and engine behavior with a single system, and a guaranteed basic accuracy of 0.01%. The system is capable of simultaneous analysis of several motors, converters or complete drivetrains – up to 12 power channels.

It is also the only power analyzer with the capability to calculate power parameters, even polyphase motors, up to seven phases per power group. The DEWE2-PA7 combines waveform data, mixed signal and power analysis, while providing reliable, gapless recording of any analog or digital signal and high-performance power calculation of several power groups simultaneously.

Up to 2 MS/s/ch and high dynamic range guarantee data integrity. Smart interface technology makes it easy to integrate a DEWE2-PA7 into automation systems and testbed environments while guaranteeing reliable data transmission, easy-to-use remote control and configuration through TCP/IP-based protocols in compliance with standardized protocols such as ASAM and file formats.

Contact us for a personal demo or come to one of our next shows:

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

Automotive Testing Expo China

Automotive Testing Expo USA

Power-Gen International


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