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Transient Recorders

Looking for multi-rate and mixed signal transient data recording?


Need long time recording with different sample rates triggered by events?



DEWETRON Transient Recorders combine a portable data acquisition platform with different series of fast transient A/D cards, data storing and DEWETrans software.

Sample rates as high as 500 MS/s/ch with SPECTRUM A/D cards

These models record data directly to RAM onboard the A/D cards, which removes the speed limit related to continuous writing to a hard drive, or even the computer’s bus speed.... and the best part is that you can use any combination of our SPECTRUM A/D cards in the same system - each card can be run at a different rate, with different trigger settings.

Sample rates as high as 1 MS/s/ch with ORION A/D cards

These models release test engineers from the stress about the right trigger setting. As long as the requirements are up to 1 MS/s per channel you just start data storage before the test. The more or less unlimited memory can store this high-speed data for a very long time … and trigger capabilities are still available in addition.


Key features:

  • Continuous acquisition up to 1 MS/s

    • 24 or 16 bit resolution

    • Stream-to-disk up to 64 MS/s

    • Any DEWE-ORION series board can be used


  • Triggered acquisition up to 500 MS/s

    • 8, 12 or 14 bit resolution

    • Any SPECTRUM M2i board can be used together with DEWETrans Software


  • High channel count (up to 32 channels per system)

  • Simultaneous sampling of channels

  • Several hardware trigger functions

  • Easy expandable via DEWE-NET option

Please check out our pre-configured standard models for transient recorders. Standard models meet approximately 80 % of all application requirements, are cost optimized and shipped faster.