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Test Benches

Signal conditioning leading in precision and flexibility



Many test benches already include several data acquisition interfaces such as recorders or a DAC-board in a PC. But how to connect a sensor and what is the signal quality?


Simply use DEWETRON signal conditioning and your signal quality will increase and hooking up the sensor is no more effort. The galvanic isolated amplifiers can be connected to almost any data acquisition interface. The DAQP signal conditioners offer highest accuracy, different input ranges, integrated filters and output signals with normalized +/-5V. The modules are stacked in a DEWE-30 rack, which offers a connection cable and/or BNC for each output signal.

DEWETRON DAQP series are the perfect front-end for test benches that must “grow” over time with increasing or changing requirements.


Key features DAQP series:

  • Modular structure for individual solutions
  • Universal isolation amplifiers with high bandwidth
    • High isolation up to 1.8 kVRMS
    • High bandwidth up to 700 kHz
    • Some models offer multi-pin connectors with sensor supply
    • Outstanding stability – e.g. carrier frequency technology
    • Robust design and outstanding EMI immunity
    • High reliability – MTBF > 20 years
  • The open architecture makes it simple and easy to integrate into the automation system
    • Single channel units with analog ±5 V output
    • Configuration via RS-485 interface
  • Engineering assistance in finding solutions for the application
  • Excellent price-to-performance ratio
  • Long-time availability
  • A worldwide service network


In more and more cases test benches require high dynamic data acquisition. In such cases DEWETRON mixed signal recorders become integrated into a test bench. In such cases DEWESoft provides software API called DCOM or DEWE-NET that allows any test bench software to benefit from the powerful control and data processing functionality. Extensive support of multiple data formats allow the generation of automated reports with the use of post processing packages like FlexPro, Excel, ...